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*Loud sigh*
No ice physics compare to Flashmans stage in megaman 2.It's not really dangerous,just preety annoying.
@Shadow_Da_Hedgie: comfort chair is my favorite character
This is exactly what I need
@The_mad_one:Do you think hiatus will end by the time the year ends?
I've never voted before so I really need to pay attention to when the voting starts
this page is the opposite of my self,the waelh is difficult but the jump is easy
How dare you be an hour late! I've been waiting for this all day
Glorious Eddie
I always call him Edith to insult him if he doesn't give me what I want
Does this mean that there's only one more robot master?If so who would that be?
Left is the direction that leads to Drillman

Right is the direction that leads to Drillman
I know how you feel
I used a password to get every weapon but dive missle and drill bomb (I even got the balloon and used E tanks as health ups),went into Drillman's stage and couldn't beat the Drillman.This is bad because I'm a considerately good megaman player although I'm the worst at 4,5,and 6
Speaking of Dave
I know this is out of place but...Do you mind if I credit Mega as inspiration for an unnamed similar comic
bombman seems to predict that you guys are going to make slow progress on the rest of the game...oh jeez
now i know what youre thinking
two comics in the same day when two comics in the same year is rare...i'm a changed man
My computer was being evil but I got a new one so updates should return to the way they originally were several years ago
wait a second...
since you have the robot masters in the banner,does that mean that you'll be playing after megaman 6.also it's kinda hard to explain but during megaman 3(i forget when)you used a picture showing megaman's toe saying "toe power".I was wondering if you would mind if i used that panel as my icon.the joes are getting a bit boring
well,I lost internet for awhile (a year).But even before that I forgot how to upload comics.But I remember now!
in Panel 9
that snake looks amazing
Panel 3:WHAA! Panel 4:WHAA! Panel 5:WHAA! Panel 6:WHAA! Panel 7:WHAA! Panel 8:*whistle* No giant balls of death here. Panel 9:WHAA!