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The zombé red riding hood lady makes me happy, the whippy hair in the third panel makes me happier, the the perspective in the fourth makes me happiest. But dat face, dem words.
Not sure I can describe it with these earthly adjectives.
I like the absence of cursing, it makes me think of Scooby-Doo.
I love his hair. It's like a giant, green Granny Smith apple. :D
I like your style. It's not chibi but it's not all realistic either.
I love the onwards pose. :D Now I'm gonna have to stand and shout this out during awkward moments. "Onwards!"
Now I'm going to have to learn their handshake. I make it my business to learn every one I see. :P
Strip Poker? Must do before I die.
Hatman is adorable. :]
This page made me laugh too. I used to want to play the mandolin...and the harp, violin, lute, accordion, and ukelele. :O
The 1st panel made me lol. XD I'd be out as soon as I saw the ONE bed.
This has me excited. I love hats, hate wearing them. They just look so whimsical with all of the bright colors and fancy embellishments. I can't stand to have my head confined like that though. Huh, so I guess I have claustrophobia of the skull then. O.o
I love the hat-maker already. He obviously isn't the kind of person you trust. That's the kind of guy they warn you about in the "stranger danger" videos, yet there the MC goes signing everything he shoves at him. Tsk, tsk, well he can't complain when something bad happens later on. We warned you!
That sounds fat and disgusting...but I want it. D:
How could it not be a favorite? It's an adorable box with eyes. 'Nuff said.
XD I so thought they were going to kill a human. Like the job applications guy. >D
The color looks different. Did you use another pen? O.o Might just be my eyes.
This was the one on Shamelss Ads. :D
He could sweep a floor with that stache
It's nice though. I also love the angel's little outfit. So cute! :D
I like the strips a lot better. The other way is a bit overwhelming.
Such bright colors. I love it already. :D
I really like his face. The expressions and structure of it in general.