I am a fresh freelance artist and animator living in Montreal. I enjoy writing and illustrating comics in my spare time and love meeting other comic artists and writers.

All of my comic work is done in pencil and/or photoshop on an Intuos 3. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop me a line here on SJ or to my e-mail (s.a.mcgowan[at] anytime.

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@Mrs.Chaton: To be able to find the silver lining in things is a valuable skill .3.
@Mrs.Chaton: I guess I can see how it would feel like that when not reading them altogether x_x.
Sorry I missed last Tuesday! My life is nuts right now x_x I am also at a convention! I hope you'll come by our table at Otafest this year if you're around!
Update Schedule
Got some questions and I guess the info isn't always super obvious depending how the site is viewed! Public updates are every second Tuesday :) (twice a month) Patron updates are once a week (4 a month). Hope that clears up what probably feels like kind of random updates!
@lotopauanka: I don't really get to go to the San Diego Comicon, sorry!
@thenotoriousmfb: <3
@Zosonils: Thank you so much! I'm really glad that you like it so far! I will do my best not to disappoint!
@Foxglove: Thank you ;; That is a really touching comment.
Not sure how that happened...
I just realized that for some reason I never posted the CH2 cover to this site... I'm not sure how I missed that ._.;
@JayBird: I'm so glad that you're enjoying it!
@Amara: That's really sweet, I love that artist! I'm glad you're enjoying my work so far, I hope I can continue to entertain you!
@JS: Thank you for such a kind comment! I'm glad that you like it so far! I will keep working hard :)
CH3 officially on
Super stoked to start posting this chapter publicly :)
There will be two pages today, as always, I do not consider black pages to be proper updates :)
@Chris: Not at all :D
New Schedule
Sorry for the month of no updates. Because of recent events, I have not had time to produce the double updates in my spare time and have had to limit myself again to the pages that the patreon has been funding. This means that updates are back to a page a week to patrons, and 1 page every 2 weeks publicly. The month to get everything re-aligned aside, going forward, this will continue to be the new schedule. Which I suppose was also the really old schedule :P
2 pages today, because I don't think these are "real pages" :)
@Foxglove: Thank you!
@Chris Arrowood : I'm really glad that you like it! Thank you so much for wanting to support <3