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I am a fresh freelance artist and animator living in Montreal. I enjoy writing and illustrating comics in my spare time and love meeting other comic artists and writers.

All of my comic work is done in pencil and/or photoshop on an Intuos 3. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop me a line here on SJ or to my e-mail (s.a.mcgowan[at] anytime.

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:: LoZ: Demon Road :: updates twice a week to patreon, once every two weeks to public
:: Amaranthine Project: Avatar :: private WIP
:: Dogma :: on backburner until further notice (to be rebooted)
@Tie-dyed Trickster: I don't have anything to add to this comment, I just wanted to let you know that it made my whole week <3
I don't know why I always miss Thursday. It's not like I didn't choose that day 8T
@zobdob: always :P
I finally did the thing <33
(sorry for the weird URL, the site keeps breaking the normal one)

It's a limited run, once they're gone they're gone tho! I'm so excited ;;
omg guys this comic is not rated R xD
Why am I so bad at Thursdays this past month?
Thank you for all the birthday wishes guys!
Sorry about last week!
It was my birthday and I took the day off doing pages, so there wasn't an update :) I'll do an extra update next week to catch up!
Guys I love reading your predictions and head-cannons. Seriously it's so much fun <3
Thanks for the heads up
I added an additional page before the previous page that was missing. Thanks for letting me know it got missed!

Not sure how I missed this page, thanks for the heads up guys! Will still post another page too!
Happy New Year!
Hey guys! Hope you had a great holiday :) Back from Christmas break and ready to go again! Please give me a bit of time to catch up on comments and stuff again, I have a bit of a pile <3
More Updates on New Days
Guys! Demon Road has a new public schedule now. You can read all about the changes here: but if you feel like reading is for squares, the [tl:dr] version is, updates now, every week, Thursdays! Patreon will continue to be much further ahead, but it will no longer slow down page updates <3
@Qweras: Unfortunately BotW came out way after a lot of this was written (this page itself was drawn about a year before it's release) and since I haven't played it and don't really know much about it, likely won't be appearing in this comic x_x But I hear it's really good so I'm looking forward to that!
2/2 pages today :)
I don't count transitional/pacing pages as updates so there will be two today :)
@SupportiveSupporter: Oh, I saw! Sorry I didn't know you where looking for an immediate call back for it D: I apreciate the offer, but right now, the most time consuming thing for the pages is actually drawing them xD but that's really something I need to do. If I can think of anything though, I'll let you know! My personal e-mail is steph.a.mcgowan[at] if you ever need to get a hold of me :)