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I am a fresh freelance artist and animator living in Montreal. I enjoy writing and illustrating comics in my spare time and love meeting other comic artists and writers.

All of my comic work is done in pencil and/or photoshop on an Intuos 3. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop me a line here on SJ or to my e-mail (s.a.mcgowan[at] anytime.

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:: LoZ: Demon Road :: updates twice a week to patreon, once every two weeks to public
:: Amaranthine Project: Avatar :: private WIP
:: Dogma :: on backburner until further notice (to be rebooted)
Thanks for the heads up
I added an additional page before the previous page that was missing. Thanks for letting me know it got missed!

Not sure how I missed this page, thanks for the heads up guys! Will still post another page too!
Happy New Year!
Hey guys! Hope you had a great holiday :) Back from Christmas break and ready to go again! Please give me a bit of time to catch up on comments and stuff again, I have a bit of a pile <3
More Updates on New Days
Guys! Demon Road has a new public schedule now. You can read all about the changes here: but if you feel like reading is for squares, the [tl:dr] version is, updates now, every week, Thursdays! Patreon will continue to be much further ahead, but it will no longer slow down page updates <3
@Qweras: Unfortunately BotW came out way after a lot of this was written (this page itself was drawn about a year before it's release) and since I haven't played it and don't really know much about it, likely won't be appearing in this comic x_x But I hear it's really good so I'm looking forward to that!
2/2 pages today :)
I don't count transitional/pacing pages as updates so there will be two today :)
@SupportiveSupporter: Oh, I saw! Sorry I didn't know you where looking for an immediate call back for it D: I apreciate the offer, but right now, the most time consuming thing for the pages is actually drawing them xD but that's really something I need to do. If I can think of anything though, I'll let you know! My personal e-mail is steph.a.mcgowan[at] if you ever need to get a hold of me :)
@KuroLizpop: ;; Thank you so much! I hope I can live up to your expectations!
Omg sorry for the late page, I had a schedule change on patreon and I forgot public updates are still Tuesdays! Just to confirm, public updates are still second Tuesdays xD
@SupportiveSupporter: Lol! I love your PS. Don't worry don't worry I'm not offended, convos are what comments are for :).

Basically back in the day, I used to have to take really long stretches of breaks because of my job and save up to get a bit of free time to work on my own stuff. It really sucked. So I quit where I was working and moved from doing studio stuff to taking freelance stuff. how it works is that patrons decide how much of my schedule I get to have for Demon Road by being able to kind of treat it as a commission that was being collectively paid for. Sometimes it was once a week, sometimes twice, whatever they decided. Because they where paying me to be able to make the pages, the deal was that they would always get 2 updates for every 1 update I was posting. Right now they get one page a week so public gets 1 every two weeks. I've recently integrated my comic patreon with my general patreon and am interested in changing up how it is done. I have kind of gone through my thought process on what I've been thinking about doing in the comment thread above ours if you'd like to check that out.

Support comes in a lot of forms, not just monetary. It is easy to fall into the trap of quantifying it as a one to one dollar thing, and while at the end of the day it is true that I need to be able to afford to do the comic, there are so many ways that it can happen. Sharing the comic so it gets more viewership and more chances to gain support channels, subscribing on platforms that it is on to appease the algorithms that decide how easy it is to find, finding me at conventions, etc, all of these lead to indirect monetary support. Even just comments to let me know that someone is out there reading and likes what I do or cares about how I manage the comic are really emotionally motivating. I always sell out of my books, and people seem to like the prints and stuff that I make and I get reblogs on the pages, but surprisingly few people actually stop to talk to me about it or leave a comment and it can feel kind of weirdly isolating even while it's not, so I really appreciate it.
@SupportiveSupporter: Thank you for the complement! Don't worry, I will never make Demon Road, or any of my personal web comic projects not free to read online!
@Guest: It isn't that I plowed through that many pages at once and continue to produce en masse, it's been a very slow accumulation and if I posted them all at once again, I would need to spend another 2 years gathering them up again. The deal I have right now with my patrons is that for every update I post, they get two. So like, the reason I post publicly once every 2 weeks is because for them, I post once a week. This has kind of been in flux since I started, depending on support (there was a time when I was posting twice a week to them and once a week to public). Around page 50 I had considered switching it to always be on the next chapter since my previous chapters had been 50 and 56 pages respectively, but this threw me for a bit of a loop when I hit 60 on chapter 3 and I was only about halfway through my chapter outline. So now I'm thinking that once I am able to get 100 pages ahead, I will open them back up to one to one and make the new offer based on that, but I haven't really decided yet. I am totally open to suggestions if you have them though!
@Azuly: That's really sweet ;; I hope you had a good time! We really appreciate the support in any form it comes in <3