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It’s been years since been on here, I’m happy that your still doing this comic! I hope you continue in doing more!!
reli no update?!!
reli?!!! its been 4 years~!! update this already!!
who does this art style?
its been years upload something keep going with this story and your other ones...
i'm blushing after reading this xD!!!
i like the way stan is drawen in this way
i sawer if craig ends up cheating on stan with tweek that is so fucken messed up, D:!!!!
OMG its about time!! GO STAN!
finaly! i've been waiting 2 months lol and go stan leave her ass!
i love this i hope you up load again <3
OMG!!! D: BITCH! if i would there i would kicked her ass! omg what a page turner, i hope stan fucken bumbs her ass! and go get kyle and hold him and tell him he loves him
OMG MOOOOOORE XD!!! this is so funny!!!
omg yay!!! <3
KISS HIM DEMIAN!! O.O -watches-
yay your back ^^, :O no stan dont to to wendy!! fucken wendy has to ruine everything!!
So cute ^^
omg!! mooooore xO
omg fianlly :D! hehehe yay xD and clydes asshole <.<