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Don't mind me, just a bit of a Pokemon freak.
Might post comics here someday.
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When people can tell you're a hobo.
@Junoro: Here lies Caddy, he died stuck in a car.
Is she really there, or is that just his memory painting a very vivid, very angry picture of her?
Caddy, punching the window: "NOTHING CAN CONTAIN ME"
And the award for "Fastest Nuzlocke to get Fully Evolved Starter" goes to
He just wanted to start up a conversation about pizza.
"Tralala, don't come back, tralala"
"What are you staring at, punk?"
stop with this hopefulness I can fEEL SOMETHING BAD ABOUT TO HAPPEN
So is Mewtwo interested in Sabrina since she's the one who woke him up? Or is it more of a "you have psychic powers so I must defeat you and become the best"?
This Smeargle is so cute. ;v;
I feel like Pilot is gonna beeline to Ruby and hide behind her.
I am always greatly pleased to see Looker sprinkled in randomly.
Just hefting that little grey potato to the nearest cave
I feel bad for the River Person right now
*slams fist on desk* The crossover I never knew I needed.
April 26th, 2019
April 26th, 2019
He tol
@eworm: Nah, I'm really hyped for Mewtwo, but I had a feeling he was gonna be making an appearance soon, with all the little plot breadcrumbs you've been leaving.

And you should definitely be proud of these two, because they're both unique takes on characters that have been rehashed many times by other people. They're very refreshing versions to see! In fact, I 'd say these are my favorite versions of the characters in any Nuzlocke I've seen! uvu
My feeling of dread is mounting