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Don't mind me, just a bit of a Pokemon freak.
Might post comics here someday.
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September 14th, 2018
Aww, he does care
September 10th, 2018
"I saw your soul, Dad, so there."
September 10th, 2018
So rereading this, it seems like whatever the controller did figuratively (literally?) melted a hole in the magical/alchemical box that he's in, and since that hole is there now, it allows him to actually interact with the world again.
So it's possible that all the constructs are somehow trapped within their own minds unless that box is somehow pierced.
Theories abound.
Just scream, kiddo. You're on a hilltop, they'll hear you.
Quit scarin' the bean, Keys. >:V
I wish I had that kind of confidence.
Hey now. Elm isn't that old. He's a pretty young loon, really.
@Junoro: Phoebe comes back in, Caddy is pressing the side of his neck into the last two inches of water in the tub.
In before Caddy accidentally pulls the lever to empty the bathtub.
I mean, with a name like Baba, what did you expect, Pino?
But didn't Oriana say that Jack the Giant Slayer was one of the last fairy tales to get his happy ending? Unless happy endings don't extend through their entire lives...
Pino's bowl is full, so does he even eat? CAN he even eat?
Elm is such a mess and thus is my spirit animal.
"He's called Bluetooth because he uses a Bluetooth."
I love the backgrounds you do! Simple but very lovely.
Okay but the real question.
Does the hotel provide a free ducky to every visitor?
Kitty cat, you're gonna get a bruised backside.
I noticed this throughout this comic, but I really like the detail that Flaw struggles with saying "this one" instead of "I" or "me". Speculation tells me this is from her "training" as a slave to take away her individuality by making her refer to herself as something that could be seen as an object instead of a person.

And then her coming to a sudden halt when shouted at also feels like echoes of her days of slavery.

It really adds a lot to the storytelling without being exposition. Good use of show don't tell.