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Don't mind me, just a bit of a Pokemon freak.
Might post comics here someday.
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Caddy's fishy senses are tingling.

On the topic of doors (just not car doors), Caddy would ABSOLUTELY 1000% be the guy pushing with all his might on a Pull door.
Abhornet- the bug type with abs.
March 13th, 2019
Hella hyped that Looker's playing a role in this, he's one of my most favorite recurring characters in the games.
Okay, but the first three panels are comedy gold.
I get the feeling Caddy's gonna feel hella insulted by Jerk of the Year's necklace
@Julian or Yoshidakid: Do you think that will stop him from being a great dragon mom?
Celebi, handing the Rattata a confused Eevee: It's dangerous to go alone, take this.
Looker's back my dudes.
Go save your dragon mom, Topaz!
Ahhh I love the Kecleon designs!
Phoebe's got some serious self-restraint right now.
Well that ain't at all ominous.
You seem to be leaking... a couple of substances there, my dude.
Poking those mushrooms was a baaad idea
Yes, poke the strange, bouncy mushrooms. Perfect idea!
I love the fact that Celebi has razor sharp teeth
Celebi is already my fav.
*squints at Yooka in the last panel*