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:P Maybe later
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April 1st, 2014
Yup just put it on the dog. :3
August 22nd, 2013
I've always really loved colt. And I think he's really cute in that lil scruffy and laid back way.
that is a-okay just keep updating plzz!
Lol it's just a guy thing it seems: my dad and my bestfriend tried to explain it to me once. To them your hair is like, sacred and it means a lot to them you havin your hair cut, because they feel so protective of you, your honor, and you hair.
Of course my dad and bestfriend also like when a girl either has long hair or when they have it in a bun, so i guess it depends.
Either way they'll still love me if I cut my hair, just be a little sore about it for a week haha.
too cute!!!
February 26th, 2012
im following! :D
February 23rd, 2012
i trust her completly.
She knows the mind.
February 8th, 2012
The opposite of hate isnt love
@Tristripe: lol dont worry i figured it out.
I just hate how everything is only instructions for photoshop when i use gimp. XD
January 11th, 2012
If shuno was a super hero that would be his catch phrase
January 4th, 2012
:O Suspense!
January 2nd, 2012
loving his eyes <3
January 2nd, 2012
@BlackRoseLacuna: :,D you are not alone in liking those body parts
December 30th, 2011
i like her a lot :)
December 26th, 2011
lololol i woke up playing the sims
December 18th, 2011
@blackymoon: sick people just cant look as manly i guess
:D so cute!
December 3rd, 2011
lol no kaito sometimes i think your just a little stupid....
but omg dramatics!
December 2nd, 2011
i woulda just said i had a nose bleed all over my clothes and decided i must wash them :D