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um hi!im 5ft 6 and i have dirty blonde hair.i love anime/manga! i also adore wolves over anything!i draw allot i read 24/7 i play with animals all the time and thats all i can think of
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so excited for the chapters to come!!
i have come back to this site after 3 years....and....STILL NO UPDATE!?!?!!?!? IMMA CRY!!
god i love your stories!!!oh hey you should read sherilyn kenyon!shes my favorite author! (actual books not this site)she does mythology and stuff.and steamy sex scenes too lol!!!love your stories though im reading the others 2!!
@(o.o)@ (ITS A MONKEY!)
OMG!!!!!!!i agree with every single comment here!!(yep he does have a huge bed!)lol DO IT !!! love the art still!i actually plan on getting the manga but i cant remember how!how do i get the wonderfullness!?!?!?!anywaaaaaayy.....LOVE YOU!!!
i had an epiphany
lol some of it made sense but no....most of it but no!KEEP MAKING THESE i love them!! :D
omg she looks dead!!and its spelled zeus crazygirl not zuse..........GREAT ARTWORK LOVE IT SOOO MUCH!!
lol i love how you gave victor shoujo eyes thats great XD
*wines* poor pretty birdie!!!dont die!!!your too pretty to die!!love th eyes in 3rd panel btw!great work love it!!
hey i know where you got the idea!!
you got that from futurama when kip...i think his name is kip gets pregnant by leela.....i love that show.....