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Toasted Jelly
Uhm.. yeah... Hi I'm Jelly, I like to draw, I like cats, I really suck at keeping up with comics.

I'm Currently working on Taz~ (and possibly another one)
and sometime in the future I'd like to Pick King of the savana.

Sorry UNO peeps... its dead forever. umu

but I'm not there much besides classes. I'm there for a little bit after noon on monday and wednesday, but then I go to work. Fridays are also a possibilty if I don't just go home and cook stuff after ~animal anatomy~ LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU'LL BE AROUND I'LL WORK WITH YOU. You have my number ;D at least I think you still do.. if you're like me and never delete anything than you would... maybe I DUNNO AAHHHH
*a wild jelly appears*
I love your comic. also I am pleased that you are having a tumblr so that I may creep you there as well. Hope you're having a SUPER FABUOLOUS SUMMER ;D I look forward to more comics that I will creepily creep :)
Gizu- YUP Hopefully I won't abandon it again, I really liked this comic ;w;

Mythee- Do you mean this? p;index=44 Its the only thing I can think of 6w9 And yeah.. I don't not like the comic thats up now, Its just, I feel I could do better now.. also my style has changed so.. yeah.. after so long, I felt a fresh start is best =w=

Blue_metal- yeah... its been awhile =w= I'll probably just make a new comic and link it here c:

fgirlmaggie- That's prolly what I'll do c: I am happy to do something with it again too. Their story was my favowite so, yeah.. I HOPE I DON'T GIVE UP AGAIN just to sit on it more ffffffff

Machati- I'm glad you're excited :D If you thought it was cute then.. I'm just going to smother you in adorable now... ffffffff
Three Legged Cow- WELL I already started redrawing it soo.. I guess I'll just make a new comic, wooooooo

Wotter- Okay yes, ditto, same message above applies for you also as well

Noelle- I.. thank you? Thank you. Yes hopefully th enew version will be even more... awesomer. yes.
ghhdf You're a silly goose, you're just going to be left with a tantalizing cliff hanger that I've left to hang for far too long DD:

Don't do iiittttt dfhjhdf
I'm starting this shindig over!

So uuuhhh... what would you rather. I'm rather fond of this comic so I don't want to delete all the pages... do I make a new one or.. idk what else. I'll probably make a new one... one day I'll be unlazy and save all these files, since they've been lost.. and yeah... idk ya'lls. But I do know I'ma bring this back.
sweet zombie cheezus, Jock's expression is the best ever, hands down. hjjkhgkj

Jock and sanders... good gravy... gjjhgffjlkjf I have no words.. NO WORDS hfjhdf

Also the unicorn baawwwwwww

Gosh I love you you do expressions
....Fruitloop is truly terrifying, despite his small size and non-threatening unicorn sweater
Fruitloop. You are one scary little man.

That face is nightmare fuel. NIGHTMARES I SAY. AAHHHH
I wish I could do that too, man that would be such a useful skill.

... actually I'm pretty good at it... but I usually end up caught because they realize something is missing >u>
I like how dudes' just steadily been chompin away on those cookies... and how he just takes the plate... with that one cookie. ffffffff
This is beautiful
Poor Payton, just thrown to the ground, and do they care? No, except for that note on her back.
I'd love to hangout with you guys!! Because you're not boring, i'm just an awakward derp ;D ;;;;;

i love how you draw expressions. I'm dying of delishiousness
The blinking panel. I am dying. gkhjfg <3
What a pleasant surprise! I saw this in my updated comics section and pretty much did a double take
That was the best ever.