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Kopire and Arref....yeeeeaaa
Introductions of new kids. Might be obvious who they are but not like anyone knows XP.

Bit delayed in updates.. but then again I make the pages when I can. Still a script there to follow and possibly add stuff and all that.

I am amused at Chaiya's reaction XD
New page and it seems like there are new students. You may know them and yet not like anyone else does.

This ought to be interesting.
after like what 9 months? I finally break out of this hiatus. It's time to get the ball going! SERIOUSLY!

I say this and am now using Manga Studio Debut 4. Gradually other pages MAY change but for now going from chapter 2 page 6 and on. I may find time to redo but not now.

bit of help thanks to ThatMango for a teacher! Helped and I just did stuff based on what she gave/showed me! Yay!

How frequent the updates? Whenever I have the time in the week.
Life is...very busy.
I had to do this since, work gives me more hours and with holidays around I have not gotten around TO making a new comic page.

Might be holiday fillers but I can't promise anything.

Made some characters hedgehogs based on Sonic the Hedgehog and my own anthro style and doodled THAT fan art. Eh.

Hoping 2013 is a good year. If I can I MIGHT make a page before the new year but if I get one there is still a hiatus until sometime in 2013. Sorry about that.
Yes, and update >_>
Update comes after way more time since... it WAS a small hiatus from me making convention stuff but then stuff happened AFTER that so delayed. Life is life XP.

Every time I draw Liaka in some other scene I think up another outfit and of course for Chaiya too. More thought to Liaka since she is.. a girly girl? Eh.. it was fun XD.

Then now is the update schedule. There is NO specific day(s) but at this point right NOW it'll be a random one day of the week. Whenever I can work on it and finish one of the days following are possible days it could be posted. Thought I'd put that out there. Unless otherwise said it'll go like that.
Might just be a small hiatus... oh look DEMONS
Long awaited update. This time it can be that the next page can be on hold 'til after Animethon 19. Doing a bunch of stuff to sell in the artist alley. If I am lucky there COULD be once a week updates.

So much graphite on this..oi XP so much that I used paper to rest my hand on while I pencil shaded and smudged with the smudger stick thing.

Unless otherwise said it's either no pages 'til August or very RARE updates.
It gradually comes..
Pages will come when it's done. There is life too so I'll try my best but also comes a redo of another comic. Anyone saw that other comic that has not been updated in forever? In the distant future (wow did I really put it like that? XD) It'll be redone but it likely means the # of comics goes from 5 to 0 and replaced with a 'coming soon' thing.

There's no definite date for that but eh, 2 things to deal with so bear with me!
It updates... and yet...
It updates but this time I change how it is going to look. This will gradually go to all the rest of the pages. The chapter title pages will stay the same though.

Yay for going through 20 pages gradually of the first chapter and likely 2 pages of prologue XP. I guess better to be early than to decide this when I am well beyond 2 or 3 chapters. Oh well it starts with some humour from Liaka's brother, Allian, and Chaiya.

This comic will make it's gradual posting to mangamagazine.
It will resume and also change!
It will! na di mean next week and also stuff will change in the comics in chapter one but yea I thought I'd post this XD and on Friday the 13th! XD
@ThatMango: Yeeeeesss DDDD:! yes bby kiss dat cast! KISS IT Maybe it can help in the healing and when it heals I can thank the power of your KISSU C:
Why hello cast/splint on my hand/arm XP
Way it looks since Monday. Go for x-rays this upcoming monday XP. Mind you, no fractures but BAD sprain.

How? broken off yield sign on the sidewalk I walk on on theway home from work and had seen the sign before but would think no one in heck would leave that there the sunday night I walked home... apparently not. Can't write well and now find a way to draw kinda ok but doesn't mean I'll make myself do anything big. Latest updates can come is in April. Sorry ><.

And to think the day it happened I WANTED to finish the page finally. Nature can have its way of saying "DENIED!" or something.
Chapter 2 finally starts woo!
After bit of laziness and yet when I was serious about it and got to it my laptop says otherwise by screwing up and when I try to fix it goes black and dummy me did not think to open up SAI where I had it and SAVE then try more. Oh well.

NOW it is done (oh look comment at 12:33 am while the page is gonna show up at 9:30 in my time.) and I am gonna get to sketching 2 and 3. This ought to be fun.

Back to Chaiya and Liaka in Liaka's place and hello new character.
And so the next chapter begins...ish?
Cover page for Chapter 2.

I have these made already ahead of time. Eh oh well it's good and sometime have another update. Maybe noty always on the weekend XP

Final page!
Chapter 1 END!

Yeeeeea distractions aside I am glad to have this chapter done now :3
A girl...
Looks like someone got distracted XD
Another update! Yup!
Author comment at 1:12 am while the page shows at 9:20. Lovely huh?

Tuesday did update for page 17 and now Thursday page 18. Things are rolling and soon this chapter is gonna end sooo yeeea may be an update in the next few days. Then likely chapter 2.

You'll have to wait for page 19 XD
Yay sooner!
Thinking this could be the final way I wanna do this but chapter 2 is actually around the corner so.. yea. Few more pages.

Hopefully got what was in Ferr's memories in the last page >_>

EDIT: Had to fix something I forgot stupidly. *points* scar on Proi's face *checks other pages*

2 minutes before 12 am TWO WOO! update!
Greeting from.. a mom..
Wonder if this brings a question to what Ferr chooses to like? *shrugs*

Admit to laziness in comic pages lately. I DO wanna do them and likely finish Chapter one sometime this year (Or last year as what I was hoping for but that came at a late time).

At least this time page 17 is sketched out on SAI. Pages went from being drawn on paper, scanned, linearted with base colours on SAI and touched up on Photoshop to plainly doing most of it on SAI. MUCH better even though maybe in Chapter 2 it can change.. maybe.

Enjoy comic page with lovely humour XP
@Kyra-sama: yeeea it's actually spanish for outgoing and I liked how it sounded XD.

All you'll know is her name kinda. Tijera.
@ThatMango: No problem Choco~ And I wanted to so it's not like I suddenly changed my colouring or anything.

Thinking eventually there will be some sighting of him with his mom and it'll be shown why he does not get along with his mom. Though maybe not anytime soon but I KNOW it'll have to be shown why he doesn't like his own mother