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    Amanda Mim
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Wow! That is a masterful emotional roller coaster you just put me on there.
@El Zoof: Maybe he's going to use the hoard as an angry diversion. Hundreds of confused Pokemon running around, and he can take DT and run... Or give the cops a tip off that the fan clubs mons are a the mountain?... Nah, he's probably just going to nab 'em
Finnaly uploading again. Finishing chapter 3, I've figured out that color pallets and squeezing more information/compressing thestory are areas I need to work on. As always though, I'm okay with getting advice on this comic stuff from other people. (I just don't garuntee I'll take it.)
*Is rather relived that it can be recognized as a slinky*
Of course
Hehe, no one trusts yellow flowers >:)
Why does no one trust yellow flowers?
I'd be happy to talk,
But i forget to check messages on a regular basis, so the conversation could be slow :D

Thank you for feedback on the outlines, too. I used to outline everything, but I couldn't get details to pop. Now I'm trying to find a way besides outlines to get detail in the backgrounds. The setting up to this page, for example, is one big building -u- . (Also I would love people to say if a colour looks wrong/is confusing. I haven't done much work in colour before, and have trouble sometimes with blues/purples.
It's a really pale wood, but I may use a ray of light later. Perhaps in the flying cities.
Aurthur (the centaur-ish kid) is a guy
DT is probably just remembering her Charmander trauma, from the days she was picked up by her tail.
Hit it till it's nearly dead and then throw Rat out to take the hit for Dragonthing?
@Sagat the Tiger:
Georgr dragged him thourgh a trangers house and the house owner must have punched him.
Is he going to use shiny pebbles to get past that guy on the road? Or, at least try to use shiny pebbles to get past?
Your avvie goes perfectly with this page.
I myself would prefer twice a week updates, even in pencil. another battle seems to be on the way, Speedy updates would rock!