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Because SCIENCE of course.
Honestly, with how badly he destroys everything, I think Team Rocket would probably regret recruiting him should he accept.
Well, Stan, you really should've read the fine print.
September 19th, 2013
Is it bad that I wish Atty will take this thing? To clarify, not because I like Clefairy, but instead because I think it would be hilarious to see it undergo the type of abuse Atty's Poke'mon usually go through.
I have a feeling this will cause problems for their little charade.
@Alexis_Royce a thousand high fives, eh?
@aqua or bisexual.
Nobody seems to remember that there are things between straight and gay.
What‽ We were playing Bingo‽ Since when? Is it to late to get a card?
I was wondering, do you have a Deviant Art account?
This is too funny, and I'm loving how well you're portraying Stan opening up. Also, this might soon become my second ever yaoi ship (first is Shinji x Kaworu from NGE)
First off, new fan here, so, HI!
Second, @Former DT_Fan: I get the feeling that DT might still like Atty deep down and she's doing this to prove her worth to him. Then again maybe she's just doing it for revenge. Either way, I really like how Charmeleon is drawn in this comic, I wasn't to big of a fan of how it looked in the anime, but I think it looks really badass in this art style.
@The_Yuri_Canon: yeah, it's good on my computer now. I actually went to your DA account to read it though, so it wasn't a big deal.
I'm getting "IMAGE NOT AVAILABLE" is that normal?
I should hang out with this guy: he'll make me seem fun and exciting by comparison.
@Takyume: whatchyu talkin bout? They've been shipped since Al touched her breasts XD
Disappointed they didn't go hulk mode, but this is more inventive.
Maybe operation "Stan make me a sandwich" is the one that gives them super strength
I kinda hope those aren't suicide pills but super-serum pills.
Also I found the vote incentive to be quite interesting, hoping to see Universeman, Vampyre, Oakley and the Agent in the flesh. Also kinda funny because in this comic about villains "Universe"man is the strongest hero, and in Spinnerette (a webcomic about super heroes) Doctor "Universe" is the main villain
@SIDEPROJECT: I don't think it's considered spam if it's awesome :D
Just out of curiosity, about when could we expect more updates? even if it's just more artwork
Sorry if I sound impatient
Don't worry. . .
Your sister isn't dating an upper classman, she's only dating a member of the faculty. Nothing to worry about ^_^