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Mm, sorry I haven't made anything yet, I thought about making a christmas thing but I managed to get myself sick for the past two weeks and I'm still not better. I'll try to make something before school starts up again.
@AshFisher: Sorry I haven't been active, I just finished up my college finals yesterday and I need a few days to hibernate, then I'll start working on some things, but I'm still in this when I'm done recuperating.
Hey, sorry I haven't been posting anything, I've drawn a bit and I do want to keep this going but I'm in a really rough time right now with the situation with my boyfriend and I've been extremely depressed lately, I'll try to do something eventually.
It's only page 60, it's the 100th post those, but those include characters and intro and all that.
@TheLazyBassist: Aw thank you >w< Btw it's hard to tell but Kayson's wearing a black vest and a white button up because those are his fancy clothes (out of like 3 outfits), the green, brown and black jacket is one whole thing (Which is going to be a plot point in his backstory as we meet the mayor)
Hope you don't mind me taking some liberty with the chapter name or anything, but this is medical drama, so lets get the drama rolling. I plan to have a bit of backstory for Kayson in this chapter /ifidontdiewhencollegestartsnextweek
and I bet things will get a bit hectic around the hospital pretty soon. ;D
Sorry about the bit of a delay, I have the page 3/4ths done, I was busy getting ready for my first con! We only went for the day but it was awesome, and I got to see my favorite band and we got front row, it was great. I should be finished with the cover by tomorrow night.
@TheLazyBassist: I could make a cover page if you give me a day or two.
@TheLazyBassist: I use photo references i find on google to help with the poses, though usually I take two or three photos and photoimpose them using different layers to get the exact pose I want and then tweak them here and there, the bottom sitting pose was made of three different overlapped pictures I think.
How indeed shall the dead body in his 'livingroom' be explained, hm.
@Jem: I'm using CS2 photoshop (technicallyillegallyshhhdon'ttellanyone) d?v=1 I downloaded it back in december and it runs on my windows 7, if not this I use sumo paint which has a free web version but I'm more used to photoshop.
@Kikaharu: Ah, I've gotten so paranoid about that I save everything on like, three different flash drives because I lost a few works when the school computers got reset and had to do them all over again and just started mass saving everything, cause most of my things I have the original paper copies of but I edit those digitally, and I'm so scared about when this laptop calls it quits. Mine's a compaq, I've had it for like, ever, the battery died like, two years in but I always kept it plugged in anyways.
@Kikaharu: Haha, he's only that big in his mind (and momentarily on this page) XD I can't say how many times i try to resize something and accidentally make it over the page size when my finger slips but it's probably over 9000

I'm literally you, my laptop's like 5 years old, the side of the plastic is broken off, the hinge is gone and there's no external battery and I'm just using it until we can find a good priced new one to get, we're leaning on back to school sales to kick in soon.
@Kikaharu: Omg i know your pain, I did those two pages with my laptop touchpad because I didn't want to keep getting my tablet out every time I worked on it (mostly like 3 am) it hurts so bad.

I know this probably wasn't intentional, but Kayson is accurately tiny xD This looks really nice.
@TheLazyBassist: I uh, I actually don't know how to line art on this program because I had never used line art in my two digital media drawing classes, our teacher got angry if you left line art there so i just never used it and now i dont know how. I should work on that. Almost all of this is done with various sized of the air brush tool and a lot of burning, dodging, and smudging.
@AshFisher: well he is the only adult male in the room at this point, so, can't really blame her. Who else would Sachet be calling dad?
Page 2/2
Escape has failed, miserably, due to a dead body in the lobby. Who just leaves those lying around, the nerve of some people.

Anyways, Hollie being a parent herself, I assumed she'd be the first responder in this situation. Red text is Hollie speaking, green is Sachet, read first up and down then move to the top bubble on your right, sorry, I didn't plan this out very well.
1 3 5
2 4 6
Anyways, done /tapout
hey look i finally did the thing. I'm sorry for this being so late, I was busy for 5 out of these 12 days, which I'm normally not doing literally anything so I was pretty shocked, and didn't have a whole lot of time but I finally got these finished.

Sachet smelled food and assumed his dad was home-this is about the time that his dad stops by with food from being out and about, but instead, it's a majority female.

Sachet has fled from battle! Will he escape?
Ah I'm sorry I'm so slow omg, I'm going to try my hardest and get both pages up by tomorrow but I'm sorry ;-; I'm a slowpoke
@Kelley: Ooh, I'm pretty sure I know why more or less but I don't want to spoil it, just think about what would have happened if he fell off and what's been revealed about certain characters throughout the story, maybe it'll help.
@Mechanicalpenguin: Well, I know what the ghost is trying to do/why, but I don't want to ruin the surprise for everyone else even if they might know a bit already, but still xD I can't help but to follow your stories close, I know it's necessary with you and all your little planned out details.