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I love to write and draw comics, and have been since I was young.

My main comic is Onyx Brimstone which I have been writing on and off for a long time.
I seem to go on a hiatus when i have to do "Life" you know pay bills and the like.

I've recently set up a Patreon page to try and solve this whole "life" problem and have Comic writing consistent.
If you like my stuff please help me on my epic quest and become a patron.
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    Jason Rees
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The New Onyx Brimstone story coming This November
Heh heh heh heh thats funny love that disguise joke
@tigerthomas: Thanks :D theres still quite a bit in chapter/book 2 to go and i'm planning to make about 4 books. Total for the whole story I'm aiming for around 150 pages
heh heh...damn i shoulda put that in for added comedy :D