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Cartoonist, computer geek, Twitterer, B.A. in Political Science. I live in Arlington Virginia and beg for ramen to scrape by when I'm not burning the midnight oil on my Wacom.
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    Alex Stevens
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Isn't it, though.
See Above Comment.
Could you be a little more specific? I'm curious what your ideas are.
He's got old-man pants in the last panel; all hitched up. I shoulda noticed that before posting.
The Dancecommanders know what the original line art was. Hurrah for unintentional fan service.
Damn, just realized how huge Mona's head is in the last panel. Not sure how I missed that. Will leave as is for posterity.
I spent a good chunk of time drawing and redrawing that last panel. I figured if there was any one panel I had to get right in this strip, it was that one.
It's a subtle reference
And easy to miss! No worries there.

They do tend to wet their whistles a bit, don't they? Though to be fair, I think this is the only time they've gone out, where the cost of booze is stupidly expensive. Drinking in usually doesn't break the bank.
Those geeky enough...
...may be able to spot the little ode to Kaoru Shintani's Area 88 in there.
Who saw that coming?
I'm glad to spark some debate! For me it's a pretty complicated issue with no easy answer.

For Cassie, it's a little more black and white...
@SWBJr (Guest)
I'm glad you're enjoying my comic! I'd release 3 times a week if I didn't have a big contract job coming up and if I could actually make a meager living off of my strip and do it full time.

I'm just worried about getting stuck between an actual job, and having to produce strips rapid fire. If my buffer gets to be several months out, then I'll probably go 3 times a week.
Not much to update on today. I've been getting into a groove lately, and I have six weeks worth of comics finished, which will carry the series until September, and I have no plans on slowing down.

On the one hand it's really nice to not have to worry about deadlines, but on the other, I'm anxious to publish them all! Damn patience being a virtue and all that jazz.

Oh I'll go you one better - the early art wasn't just iffy, it was god awful. I try and make each strip a little better, a little tighter than the last, and for the most part I think I'm succeeding.

As to the storyline, bits and pieces of it are from my life, and from the lives of friends or people I know - but it's not a full-on self-insert. Just writing what I know.
It's true
It definitely could be made more clear. I tried to convey that he was thankful for the chance to spend an afternoon with her and have her in his life, mostly just through context and facial expression - but it definitely could be communicated better.

I was trying out a lot of things at this point - like the lame pasted background in black and white. Thankfully I stopped doing that after only two strips.
And now after the 4th of July we return to our regular story arc.
Happy 4th of July!
Forgive the digressing from the main story arc. We'll pick up where we left off on Friday. Have a great holiday!
My first attempt at using a G pen. It doesn't go that well.
A little peek into Richter's life.
Introducing the Scotch Fairy. Have a great weekend!