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Fiasco Ninja

usual stuff y'know?
eheh xD;
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    just call me Fiasco or Fias-chan :3
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glad you found the freaking-outness amusing ^ ^;
ik XD
[waking up at 2 in the morning and having a zombie instinct to draw stuff is an example o 3 o;;;]
so i got back from china like a month ago, school started immediately afterwards(yaaay. i'm freshmeat now =u=;], and then i got like...MAJOR major issues with drawing Felix[i drew him so badly on page 7 that it mentally scarred me D8]

sooo...just to tell you guys, i'm gonna be updating maor now ^ ^; lotsa moar.

*stares at picture* idk why...buuut...FELIX'S EXPRESSION PISSES ME OFF SO MUCH ; ^ ;
picture: . . .

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah i'm going insaaaaane. XD;
I'm gonna be...uhhh...absent for the next 2.5 weeks. Goin' to China lol....|| chinese sucks. seriously.

ANYWAYS. so don't get all freaked out about the 18-day update absence ^^;


Pseudo dressing up as little red riding hood with a tickle torture device does NOT help his efforts to prove his real gender. =P

...i need to draw a character OTHER than Pseudo...xD

[i am SO deleting this page when i get back...]
@M3A Author
yep...still working on the "how do people have normal conversations and whatnot" thing.
I am still using GIMP, it works really well for a free program...but it takes forever for me to make the lines look smooth enough =P

heheh yeah. don't underestimate the old food, cuz its got some history xD

family picture~~~~!!!
not really, but sorta :'D
This comic is like a crash test or something OAO;

well...its my first comic and i'm trying to make it NOT look epic. yeah. currently aiming for normal.... but the "lie" this "lie" that thingy is making it a bit difficult.

Half of the time Maple is asking questions, and the other half of the time she is forgetting the answers~

uhhh...i think you forgot, we have FOUR authors, not FIVE. xD;
and your characters are gonna be introduced REALLY REALLY REALLY soon. soooo...uhhh...character profiles plz? :3?
@M3A Author
yep, we have 3 awesome co-authors...but currently the plot is going by my random thoughts-of-the-moment. <---very slow, very confusing stuff.

*sweatdrop* but we ARE working on a whole summary...which i got done like three weeks ago and am currently trying to edit a bit.

and everybody here who reads this comic and comments is considered somebody who contributes. and even an absence of comments can tell you something about how people think the plot is progressing :3

yep, i have pride in the comic, but that only makes me more aware of the mistakes made in the art and script. And plus, i'm pretty determined to go on with this comic no matter what...for everybody, especially the poor poor characters IN the comic. It'd be sad to let them down D:


but y' might be KINDA helpful if you replied to the first half of the story plot summary there.[i keep sending you messages ||OTL] pic of Victor posted on my DA now...the claws are offbalancing him though.

i didn't think i'd have to post this on here wrist is kinda busted right now...not twisted or shattered or anything...but swollen. hopefully not anything permanent though...
ahahaha...well remember that Victor is...what...7 years old at this point? =w=;?

@M3A Author
ik its confusing, i totally fail at plot writing ||OTL
*prays to the gods of pocky in the corner*
but Maple is telling the truth xD

or does Victor need to come and say it for himself?
use the messages alreadyyyyy lol
really? TuT

*flattered* ^^;

@M3A Author
itsokay. i'm undead lol :3

geeeeeez @___@
at least read the summary thing pockyyyy.
sorry for the terrible plot so far...i kinda forgot how normal conversations go xD

i seem to have gotten into an obsession with drawing random faces on random things lol

and thanks everybody, for not ditching the comic cuz i'm so slow TuT;
yes. its been three weeks ||OTL
i'm sorry about the long wait D:

currently trying to get used to using GIMP to draw the pages rather than using SAI[which is much MUCH smoother and easier to use if you were wondering]

Yeahhhhh....i made it my goal to try not to make this comic not seem like an asian drama...but now i'm making it seem like a soap opera OAO;

hahah, well i'll be updating a lot more frequently now that we've gotten a better grip on the plot and all.

And i promise to try hard to be more consistent on the updates...AND style[i don't have any set style yet, so the way i draw changes pretty frequently].

As you can see, after 21 days, i have finally managed to shrink Pseudo down to the age appearange of 4 years old 8D
...and i also realized that i suck at drawing mouths...and Felix isn't really a character designed for showing expressions of sympathy xD;...he looks more like "oh, ewww..."

speaking of Felix, some of you might be wondering what he looked like in the past. Well here's your chance to see just that:

WARING: this picture and a few other pictures posted on my deviantart account contain SPOILERS for this comic. Just sayin'


oh, and third panel: probably the most adorable thing i've drawn all week xDDDD
*looks at board*
omg i'm learning that stuff right now xDDD

your style is adorable >u<
ahahaha he looked like he was totally thrilled while saying that xD
ik, but you only drew her head last time xDDD
i've been posting a bunch of random crap recently as a bit of a stall-ing-thing while trying to gather up the co-authors to think up more plot - yeah i'm a slow person, srry ^^;

wait a sec...i just have to say this...

...that didn't make sense, but its over now xD
btw, its "food themed" cuz i was gonna sell it off at my friends' cookie sale...or i think thats what it was called o_O;
totally random laughter yaaaay :D

i like your art style <3 Friday parody ever...even if it was just two lines long :'D
lol...its similar to what my sis does xD
and thanks <3
he has good reason to be suspicious...50% of rape starts with a touch on the shoulder :'D