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welll...i like to draw :)
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Bike it up. :) There's nothing like biking through a city - being able to take in all the sights whilst getting some fresh air and exercise. Well, that's what I'd do. I live in San Francisco so I bike around a lot. It's so much fun because there's always something new to see. It's just the hills that get me. Buses as public trans shouldn't be too hard to navigate on - just look at the little maps by the stop (if there is one) and find out what buses stop at the stop you're at (that's how I've done it here). Nowadays taxis in some states might even be cheaper than driving and such, even though you're trying not to spend too much, if you really have trouble traveling, a taxi would be recommended. Good luck with all that, hope this was of help or something or other.
A challenger appears.

Myra! Skye's GF?! MAYBE.
Probably not. You'll find out next time, within the next 4 months~
Hum dum~
Well it's been a few months...I got a new computer but I lost my photoshop so I did this in paint and will be doing this in paint from now on if and when i get bored enough to update!

My grades got better...and now I'm trying to hook this cutie at school ;D.

Anyway...the bottom two panels are like a "twenty minutes later" kind of thing, Skye leaves Ross foaming on the ground in the middle of the school hallway, and now Skye is outside.

Enjoy. Hope to update again soon. And yes, I am mean enough to not make them do anything 'fun' for another chapter or two ;).
November 10th, 2007
ROFL I peeed myself laughing so hard. WOW. Priceless. I love this!
it'd be cool if you lived by ME O.O since...yeah..north CA for the win...MAYBE you can bum photoshop(CS2) off me!
very much naked :3~
This comic is made of endless "lulz."
Holy WTFPWN I updated O.O.....
School's been tough. I'm getting a D+ in Trig and a C+ in Ethics :(. QQ I had to get a tutor for trig. I'm still working hard though woot woot. Don't mind the random japanesey tidbits. I actually am very proud of how this page turned plzkthx? <3 <3 Much love people!
kinky bondage thing! MUAHAHAHAHAHA o.o
3rd comment!!?!11!1!1oneone
your art ROCKS :). Stop with the fillers and start with the jaw-dropping storyline kay?!
so...I was up at 4am again last night and felt like a page for once *gasp* still on hiatus, but hey, I might update again like this randomly nd surprise you ^^

(edit) mind you there's a wall where skye's got the new guy pinned up to - you'll find out his name on the next page if i update

(editedit) and yes I am well aware that the bandaid on Skye's chin has magically disappeared...>_<
still on Hiatus QQ
haha yeah do whatever you want to em :) I haven't gotten any entries yet *sniffle* so...<3...still Hiatus-ing though because I'm lazy and I like playing WoW XD
any art of any kind is appreciated ^.^ chibi's are so cute, too, why would I mind those!
yayyyy contest! (more like I'm too lazy to come up with outfits kekeke) So yeah this'll end on the first day of August! :) Send entries to my email - ~

If no one submits anything I'll cry!
T.T <---like that! Yeah! So get submitting...

More updates to come! :)~ Have fun. If the text is at all hard to read, tell me!
well you'll all soon see why he calls him his "property" ^^ and maybe I shall think of a contest ! MUAHAHAHA *sneaks off to conjure up a plan*
Well it's a little confusing. I sketched this one out on my sketchbook cuz my pencil drawings look nicer than my comp drawings with a tablet (imo).

Top left panel- What the hell happened back there? Did Skye just come ON TO ME?! What the hell!? And I kind of liked it, too! AM I GAY?! NOOOoooo..

Top Right Panel - Gah! Not again! I hope he isn't a weirdo like the other guy! (BOOM?!)

Far Left - Bloody Hell. Who in blazes are you? And...what -

Middle - Bloody Hell! My NEW shirt!
(Ross sneaks away)

Right Middle - Not again...w-why me?? T_T

Bottom Middle - Hey!

Bottom Right - I believe that's MY property YOU'RE fondling.

Yeah...teh scanner cut it off :< QQ

I was also kind of thinking of some kind of contest...if I were to make one, would anyone participate? T.T
lol i just used the pencil tool in photoshop CS :) that's all...then I just colored and voila! >.<
*mouth starts foaming* that was funny ! >< I didn't expect that lime and coconut jazz!
lol i noticed that about the scratches too but I think they're better on that side anyway ;)
this is so cool :) I'm going to fav it right now!