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I am in love with drawing (I can't help, but to do it ALL THE TIME)and I like playing video games, watching anime, reading manga... and other meaningless (but entertaining) things >^.^<.
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Is this older art? I bet you made this and wanted to incorperate it into the story. I love doing that! It brings back such fond memories.
SOMEONE is spoiled lol!!!

I'm just glad kitty didn't get hit in the face with the door XD!

Interesting art style by the way, don't think I've ever seen anyone with this syle, it's nice ^___^
I would tell you to put more effort into the pages, but then I remembered how painful it is to force yourself to continue a comic. I lazed so much I don't even have the right to say anything eh heh...
OH GOOD LORD!!! This reminds me of when I found my mom's kitten in the fridge. I heard a meow and I couldn't figure out where it was coming from, I checked everywhere upstairs and I finally checked the fridge all though it seemed extremely unlikely. I scooped him up and laughed really hard.
Sorry I haven't commented in awhile. Haven't been on SJ in forever. Still loving the story as usual! The characters are so intracate! Even the villans!

Well anyway...

o.o pretty *stares in awe*

I should probably start working on my comic, but I'm being lazy, I don't feel like typing the storyline. With no storyline there's no story...

thank you, I've always been able to do it but mine doesn't look as yummy as yours.
Well I know about shading and light source and all, what I really need to do is learn how to crosshatch. That's what I'm trying to figure out... -_-'
No fair that you can shade like that! Teach me?

Anyways, you should take a peek at my comics?

A lot of the drawings are sorta old... the newest comic is "Got Fish" and it's a collab with my best friend. Hopefully you can tell the change in styles.
I was one of your first watchers, and I wouldn't un-fave you for anything!

*glomps author*
Oh wow, you're amazing with action scenes! You're really good at capturing motion in the human anatomy.
this is probably my favorite page so far.
holy frick-jesus-cakes!!!

I just read all of your comic and wow... just wow... I admire your skill and style. I will be reading this comic as it updates, wonderful job!
Nah, I am just blunt, I say what's necessary. Is your display picture you?

If so from what I can see of it, you're cute ^___^

I have been... busy. School is such a chore...

But I've read up to this point and I'm amazed to see all of the wonderful imporvements you've made with the site and happy to see your amazing comic growing in popularity C=


>>>>>take a look at my comics...maybe?
She's so adorable! like the style and the coloring is really nice ^_______^!!!

>>> I commented on the last page too XD
Oooooooo!!! I love how everything is traditionally done! Your style is so lovely C= !!!

I'm gonna fav, cuz I really like it.
I don't understand why your comic isn't more popular, it's always been one of my most favorites!
That thing is soooooooo cool looking XD!!!
Woooooah! I can see that you've put an immense amount of effort into this comic and the art is spectacular! *instant fav*