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I lol'd so hard at man arms
Ah theyre so cute! This page makes me happy :)
Although i get why andy is angry, he needs to lighten up. Patrick is feeling shitty enough already
To eric:
how did you and luffinpuff become such good friends?
I feel like andy shouldnt be mad at patrick. Melanie was also in an unhealthy relationship and didnt leave until it got really serious, even though everyone was telling her to leave him. Its the same way with patrick.
Ahh this page is so funny! XD
DT: "challenge accecpted"
his face made me giggle its so cute :3
luffinpuff looks great with a mustache
i just spent the last 3 days reading every page of this comic. even the extra stuff. this is the best comic i ever read. the plot is so real and the characters are so human. i have found myself saying "oh shit" out loud on multiple occasions. i am now a fan for life and i cannot wait to see how the rest of the story plays out :)
great comic :) i really want to see it on tv someday. i think the song mean by taylor swift would be a glod song to use towards the end or something :) if stephanie ever gets whats coming to her, this song would be perfect
Wow it hasnt been updated for a ling time! Great comuc, I really enjoy it. I hope things are ok and you havent died or anything lol