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Hobbies: Art, reading, writing, Singing, hanging out w/friends

Occupation: Student

Likes: I love my hobbies, junk food,Fantasy stories, and my cat Misty

Dislikes: Stress, Too much work, Cussing(gonna cope with it somehow),

Hopes/Plans: Travel,
Description of me: I'm 5"2 1/2' with short brown hair cut into a short ponytail or bob. I have my own style but I suppose you can call it,I hug friends.

Personality: mild temper, patient(sometimes), quiet, friendly, positive thinker for most things, Random,

Can find me: On Quizilla, Fictionpress or Fanfiction, etc (Any writing related sites)
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This story is my favorite, please keep writing it when you can
How can you tell if someone is blushing?
Hinata Sotama
April 20th, 2014
Wouldn't it allow the girl their helping to see a floating fortune? Scare her will ya? Lol!
I love this story so much!
the princess
The story from... I think the maid"s view point is wonderful, please make more when you can.
Love the gays
I read this comic a while ago, and came back to read it again, because I absolutely Love it and want to read it further and more into the story, since although I am wanting band famous people to be less self-absorbed, Mika Lin and Alex Bentley are so Adorable!
Hinata Sotama
October 20th, 2013
Lily is abit mean to force people to like eachother with Oliver...
Hinata Sotama
October 20th, 2013
I love, love, love this comic!
Hey, what's gonna happen next?? This comic is so good, it will drive me nuts to find out, but please continue it, please????
Sorry, but why do people like others for appearance?
I don't get it, and well, and thats strangely creepy, but beautiful in some style of how their drawn... I am not sure...
@enjelicious: The story is so Adorable! I am just curious, whats the language its in, after the english version? Its quite amazingly done, and well this is my favorite, for I am a girl who aims for no heartbreaks, which is silly, but always a wish... Thanks for writing the story\comic
I adore your story comic thing, especially since its just amazing and well, Incredible!
I love it, I will read it, as long as you type or write, or draw it, I adore it!
@srinitybeast: Missy, I adore your characters and sorta wish it could happen since that would be so amazing! *^* I love your story comic, and your art is amazing!
Amazingly funny..I love the comedy of your comic, I feel bad for haru when katsu loses his temper, but it is so cute and funny when it happens. <3
The two dude characters are so adorable! they are so cute...
Please get this story going, I want to read more of it.