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I am a highschooler who likes to read comics. I enjoy watching people work on their comics and I am currently trying to come up with a plot to make a comic for. I have a Deviantart account, my name is lionkairi. Stop by there if you want to see some of my work. XD
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September 27th, 2012
Clarence? You silly... and did he always have that arrow on his face? I really like it....and are you going to rename Vodka? To what? ;3 I am curious now...
You silly...
Que the Music!
Well, that was a dramatic turn back to some slashing... Xd
*giggles* Butt...
You guyssss....
You all think that Vodka will be hunky-dory with this?! His innocent Cole is turning evil! or maybe he's into that... who knows...
.... Now upload more!
Stupid girlie, unhand that Cole right now! Vodka! This annoying chick has you boyfriend, come get him and vaporize the girl!
What are you doing in that fan girl's basment cole? I enjoy that you attach him to an IV without puting him into a clean fancy hospital... but then again this is hell... so yeah.. and, I have this feeling Dean and Sam will break in and start all their Supernatural stuff... C:
Nice comic btw
HHHheeeeeyyyy... Since you switched accounts... Should I just drop Straight Lace Rev.? You haven't made any pages for a while....
You have just now passed into the dark lurking kingdom of BL dude... But it is very cute and awesome as expected...It reminds me of that Winnie the Pooh song about rain, "and Cole came down, down down..." XD
February 24th, 2012
ohey, I won't lie, but I really like the chick with all the gore and demon get-up. It is BA
January 18th, 2012
YAy another one! I love how they just disappear... and why the sudden urge to staple a bra to his hat?
Thank you again Hari Jam, and Rina for watchin! I am trying out some more digital art now. It's not great but I kinda rushed through this last page... ^^||| anyways, it came to me last night and I had to make it....
NNooo.... Don't start that "do you want to make money" thing... Man that is all everyone is doing... It is not a good way to make money damn it! If you need money badly, go get a loan.... oh, and your ganster made me giggle.
January 3rd, 2012
Jaws Theme
:d oh boy... I get the feeling like the girl is going to mutate into something weird and try to eat Cole... FIGHT COLE FIGHT!!!
December 3rd, 2011
-3- I don't like this girly. She's all pretty and odd, but I don't really like her.....
Thank you! I just posted a new page!
I finally Updated....
Well, it has been a while but now I'm working on a new style which should help speed up the process of making a page. This was inspired by a picture H.A.R.I. Made for me for my birthday! Thank you for lighting the fire again! and I would like to thank Ringo for adding me as favorite!
October 3rd, 2011
I love Vodka's head in the bottom corner panel! AND FEATURE ME!?! I will love you forever, but I'm going to restart soon, I'm going to get a new Name cause I really am bored of this username. I'll still have the same comic and change the username. I'll work some more!