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Hiya. I'm Ana. I love pretty and sparkly things and MY LIL-STEPH SISTER. I tend to talk alot, not that i can help it. I'm also very forgetful and stupid sometimes.
I'm not a big fan of yoai but i'm crazy for shonen-ai, and shoujo manga are good too. My hobbies are singing, piano, and track. I also love drawing ofcourse. I play basketball as well, captain of a high school team right now =D. So happy.

One more thing I LOVE MY BITCHES XD
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Bwahaha! Lasst PanelL xD
Rape? ISn't that too extreme Anaha?
A while month of break...! >-<
But is fine.
heheh, follow you guyz here from DA. *stalks*
Your art has so much detail in it OeO! I luv' the backgrounds.
Interesting storyline =3
love your art too.
Tama is cute <3
He's pretty. i like the colorings too.
omg! xD
he's so trying to pick up the cutie.
I like it ^o^
The paper is pretty crumble ^^; lol. I thought it was an effect at first.
I'll keep an eye on this
Did you draw this.
Looks really good.
I try drawing sonic characters before but it always turn out funny.
Good job =)
How cute Aya.
I'll support u even if it's not random. =)
That sounds nice to focus on the boyz. I like all of them.
well,you'll always have my support <3
This looks awsome <3
The third guy still look the cutest to me <3 What'shis name again. Sorry..i have some real memory problems. I cna't even remember my teachers from last year.
lolz. all his care about is his shirt xD
At first i thought they where just painted doors. lolz
ahaha...that's sad...
She's adorable <3
Luv the muffin XD *run after it*
hahaha, he's so smart.