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Hello! Nice to meet you, I'm Michii!
I'm trying to get rid of my natural lazyness to get some comic down.... But... I'm failing hard. My problem's not really the art, but the story. I'm never satisfied with it :/ Well, if someone's searching for an artist and has already the plot down, I might be interested!

Well that aside, I like homestuck and I'm a diplodocus. A fluffy one.
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We'll miss you ;v;
That's sad, but good luck for everything in your future ! ;v;
It was very nice to be in the colalb with you! And your art is super nice
Bye bye! ;v;
@squirmy mutt: haha okay, then it's all good!
@squirmy mutt: *gasp* fluffyyyyyyyyyyy
( also I'm so sorry Cyan calls him "ChanningS", it's my fault, I somehow thought there was a s ( I hadn't checked since you introduced him before doing the page whoops)so, sorry that Cyan and I are not able to remember a name >.> )
I stared at this page and reread it like 5 times because woooow this is awesome iofhfduovcmdklxc,dsfc!!!
I love your artstyle so much omg I can't
cyanny looks perfect and he's a bee. like we say here, "what's the people aking for???"
@squirmy mutt: omg I'm glad I didn't make him totally OOC and that you like it HHHHH
And omg. you just made me. the best. compliment. ever. on my. styyyleeee *cries* THANK YOU OMG IT'S FLUFFY IT'S THE BEST COMPLIMENT EVER hhhhhhhh
@Chokolatte: omg you're right, it totally looks like he is oAo pfffft xD
@Estavia: eeeeee thank you! and yeah, his face was a lot of fun to draw. It was even funnier on the storyboard ( my storyboards are ridiculous stickmen pfff)
@R7N: It's because Jace is fabulous haha and yeah I just realized how sassy his pose was like xD like "now you listen to me, little bitch"
And yeah tif needed more love
@Hetalialover: fhewrfweoldqew thanks
I tried OTL
uh, Hi there!
Sorry this is so late omg. It sat there, at least oen week with only one panel to draw left. I procrastinate way too much OTL
And sorry abotu the overall quality... I tried... I descovered soemtime after entering the collab that I couldn't actually do comics that well. But welp, I guess this will have to do. And it was fun to draw hehe~
But I had to give up with the background. ugh. backgrounds.

Also. Literally nothing happens on this page, I'm sorry OTL
Ok, here we go:
Name: Cyan Collins (yeah, like the Colour)
Age: 20
Year: Sophomore
Sex: Male (really?? )
Sexuality: Straight
Major: Art
Like: Coffee, sweets, painting, sketching, hanging out with friends, playing games from time to time, music, being around people. I forgot cats.
Dislikes: people that are too whiny, being cold, artblocks, having a ton of projects due the same week, being all alone.
Bio: Cyan is the typical happy go lucky guy. He's gonna try to get along with everyone and not to think to much about it. He's gonna try to avoid any social drama. He spends most of his time drawing or hanging around people, really. All you need to know is that he's a sociable guy and that he likes cats. He draws a lot of cats. And he wears blue. tons of blue. Living up to the name, haha.
@squirmy mutt: yeah, you're right, they're pretty much opposites! And that's what makes it interesting, huhu~!
@squirmy mutt: aaaaa that would be awesome!

And as for his reaction, I think he'd be like all friendly like the happy go lucky guy he is, but maybe he'd freak out a little when he'll see Channing's scorpio haha. Maybe he'd be a little surprised at first glance by Channing, 'cause he's pretty weird, right? ( Is that the word I should use? >.> )
nuuu no more death for the collab éAè!
And yeah, they did noooo Q^Q
-> the actual point of this comment : eeeeeeeeee your drawing is so beautiful *rolls around*
@squirmy mutt: hiiiiiiii~! And yes omg I know!! I was so happy when I saw the roommates sheet back then because Channing is just so asdsgrtwsfkgvjkk *has no words because wow* ! And yes, yes, I think he'd like that! C:
I just redrew Cyan in more or less he same pose as on the character section drawing. I'm lazy haha OTL
much style change, wow.
(.jpg why must you kill the quality, SJ why is your size limit so low)
eeeee I'm sorry I think I was supposed to draw the next page back then but forgot about it??? I have the memory of an amnesic goldfish haha OTL
But yeah it'd be great if we could keep going owo
(gotta redraw Cyan too, my style changed quite a bit since I drew him, I think oAo )
OMG. Can't decide between cute or sexy. OMG.
(Did I ever say I liked your art? 8D /PAN/)
Ican't stop squeeing. I can't . I just... can't! It's so awesomeeeeeeeeeeee >wwww<
He's so hilarous xDD