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I wanted to create something. Even I...have times when I lose confidence, and so I had this uncontrollable urge to try making something. Anything, it didn't matter what. I just wanted to make sure I had the power to make something. Maybe I wanted to know if I could create something tangible with my own hands. If there could be something that wouldn't exist without me. Maybe, I wanted to be needed by something that couldn't exist with me...
Ayame from Fruits Basket, volume 8.
I think I've found a new OTP...
Because that's how I a short dress XD.
Cute page~
The next page should be tomorrow, if anyone cares. Oh well.
It says every day, but I haven't been able to scan the new pages...and no one seems to be interested anyway. Oh well. Here's a colored version of Eri as Ballad...I figured he needed his colors known. If I can't get to a scanner soon, then Class will be next.
Hooray for plot lines!
Just when you thought I wouldn't make the deadline I did...God I'm awesome. Shinju's nervous because *obviously* he likes Eri.
Eh, it happens.
Sorry about the pure fail in the last panel...I'm trying to put in perspective, but it doesn't work sometimes
Sorry the pages are kind of tilted...eventually they get better, I promise!
On another note, dark circles under the eyes are sexy.
That is all
If you hold your mouse over the picture, you'll get the rest of the title...Class is my favorite case you didn't realize, it's night time. slight shounen-ai on the next page *squeel*
They're supposed to be standing with their backs to the moon...but, hey. Atleast they look cool, right?...right?
Anything you can't read, tell me and I'll post what it says. Enjoy page 1
Last panel is made of win and waffles. I love what Ren's thinking.
This is much better than what I thought would happen.
Aaaaaaaaaaanndd...this is why we don't listen to older siblings.
Good Lord Henry is hard to woo.
Now as long as Shiratori doesn't find out about the bet, everything will be fine.
Sebastian's scream in the last panel made me laugh so hard
Hey, it's bound to work eventually...or not.
Aw, how cute!