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Just started reading and I just wanted to stop for a moment to say this comic is awesome. ;u;

Also, is that a Judy Blume reference?
1. Long time no talk.

2. I am guessing the pic, right? *is very dumb* I'm going to guess that.. UH.. CAN I MAKE TWO GUESSES?
My guesses:
Something cute, or silly, involving Federico and Raphael.

3. I have a feeling I'm way off. o u o
1. Killers xD 2. "s' coo'" 4. Long time no talk, yo!
I love this so much. ; u ;

Also, hi hi.
I love their faces in the end.

Also: HIIII!~ <3
I have the baddest of feelings right now..
It is all getting sooo good. ; u ;
@DragonHat: I see, I see! :D

Also, I would say that it appears that basically every person that is affected has had at least a small change in their human DNA to fit another being, or species. That, in a way, makes them a whole new species. So, that would make it Speciesist, correct?

P.S. Loving this even more! x333
Don't be so soorrryyyy! Also, I love Violet's shirt. Does Fen grow flowers every time he is worried, or every time he is overly emotional?
Oh wow, Rafa sounds cool. Sadly, Raffy is cuter. <3
Yaaayyy!! :D

I'm loving this so so much.
@Saqui Ayinleo: He does, he does!

Also: Hiii! Like time no speak.. Again.. xD

She reminds me of this friend I had a while back. They did the same thing in this situation, right down to the "introduce him to me first" part, even after they were introduced to someone else before hand, or had been with me for quite some time.
@Rabethany: I second that. I second both of those. I mean all of those. xD
Somehow they both got cutererer! Also, hello. Hope you did good on your finallss.

@RadicalTrain: Me too!
@akudemi: What would be funny is if it was a totally different Lucas.
Greetings and long time no see.. Er.. Long time no speak!

Sorry for not commenting recently, I've been sooo busy that I have not been able to get on. D: But I'm finally caught up, like a thousand months later, and I love it!
@chikao: I go to comment and think: 'I should check the comments first.' Good thing I did, because you said what I was basically thinking!.. xD
Aw.. This makes me feel kind of sorry for him...
He looks so sad and cute there! Why am I seeing this page so late? xD

I don't think my predictions were close. xD

Only the ending, him leaving with Raffy.