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I'm not much; but most of my comics *if i ever get to any* will most likely have no plotline.. o_o'' heeee e.e'' have a great day everyone n.n

oh and hello n.n~
sankyuu madame n.n :huggles:
le gasp!
x3 sneaky! i never expected a scale x 33'' I thought it would be cpr or something o.o'' hehe X3 that would be so strange "underwater cpr classes!"
YAYY GO MARLIN GO! x 3 squee :pokes the sun: o.o oh nuu ze blood >w< he's so cute with the blood mweee x 3 x.x'' omgah i shouldn't have all all those marshmallows T_T"" but yay another page! x3 :waits eagerly for more: