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Just curious, what is the name of the audio???
I fel the other coworkers are going to like kill lucky or something
Your art is so pretty <3333 Also Maerkis is a hotttie <33. Thank you so much for the picture
gasp :O tbh when i saw his face really did gasp in real life. I wasn't expecting that. It was a nice surprise :3
Her face x3 lol. its like '_' ?
I really like his pose in the last panel
I love how you drew the other citizens <333. Also your writing is like poetry <33
November 12th, 2014
I love that joke there :D <33333
October 17th, 2014
I just read your comic, it's so good :D <333
October 17th, 2014
I wonder what he said at the end
October 17th, 2014
AHh super scary x3
October 17th, 2014
This is so cool :O
October 11th, 2014
yea, Karmen face is actually kind of scary, but knowing karmen I have a idea but no idea whats going to happen
October 3rd, 2014
I love how their faces are different!!! :D
Lmaooo xD, i'm happy for you faggot.
September 16th, 2014
I love how you draw Maya x3!
Milo was cute and isk I fell Shizu isnt as smooth as Karuo however i'm still team shizu
AAAWWWW so cute xD <3
Team Shizu !