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If this was on the computer screen, you could have print screened it. As such I assume this was from a handheld system of sorts, either way; take your time.
Why not just sprite the effects?
Blue flaming skull of death
I think that more effort could have been put into this sprite than what you did.
I'm here to watch them do it. I mean he's already naked..
@Pie God: Unfortunately I agree here.
>Unfreeze thyself and then refreeze.
Your mother is a standard, Arga.
Actually it says Kai, you're just dyslexic. <3
He slowly slid off his emerl helmet, his rugged appearance was exactly what you'd imagine a soldier looking like. As he walked towards me I didn't know what to think, what would I say? He had a deep voice, almost like Duke Nukem's, "Hey, I've seen you around, would you like to come back to my place, babe?" I was flustered, I didn't know how to respond.
i t s a l w a y s s u n n y i n h e l l