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You can call me Zoetmulder, 'Zoey' for short!
I'm mainly here to read comics about pokémon or other cool stuff and to upload my own original webcomic 'Nescio'!
I've become very passionate about my own comic lately and I have a lot of cool plans for it.
However, due to my study and job as a pianist I don't have much time to have a regular upload schedule, so please bear with me!

For non-comic art by me visit my:

I draw a lot of pokémon, cats and stuff like that! ^^
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There was a lot of stuff I wanted to cram into this short but didn't, because I didn't want to make it longer than 5 pages..
I hope it still makes sense though

But yeah, that was the mini chapter!
Absolutely necessary in order to tell the origin story no-one asked for!
Vaguely answering life's most burning questions like;
Did the antagonists go home to change clothes before they went to Mister Z?
Why did the triangle fox guy suddenly have a different hat?
Who got the plastic fork and jelly beans for Mister Z?
Is the fox guy gay for the mouse/rat guy?
Have I wasted precious ink and watercolors in order to write a short comic about stuff no-one cares about??
Aaaaaaa Yessssssssss
I love their interaction with this guy xD
I remember doing the exact same thing once haha
I was so confused that I couldn't find a single nidoran
April 14th, 2018
I really love how Pikachu calls him Pikapi like in the series ^^
Here's two prologue pages I should've uploaded years ago! Yay!
BTW; for people who never read my old pokémon comics
This is a callback to the first page of my comic about Mister Z:

I absolutely needed him in my original comic as well, so I gave him a make-over into a silver fox!
I thought it would be cool if this comic started with the same guy having the same dialogue (Imsocreativenot)
March 19th, 2018
I thought I'd be nice to have some sort of introduction page
April 10th, 2017
I once did something like this on purpose
Now I don't have to do anything in my household ever again.

It's great.
Ah yess
I had the idea of having 'mini chapters' for this comic.
In these short chapters you get a little more insight in what happens when the protagonists aren't around or another comic exploring characters more that didn't get their time to shine or something.
This Mini Chapter will be only 5 pages!

I hope you guys like the idea of mini chapters, I think it's a great way to add more personality to characters and give me a chance to draw characters other than the blue guy and Queen Lobster.

I already have all these pages colored, all that's left to do is finish them in Photoshop add the text etc.
Unfortunately that doesn't mean they won't take a while to actually upload them since I'm extremely busy with college and work these days D:
November 7th, 2016
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay a raichu!
Now I'm happy again xD
Reads title.
Expects raichu artworks.
Sees no raichu artworks.


(the Deerling doesn't look wonky to me btw, looks really cute! )
I know it has been said already, but your art looks superb!
The backgrounds and angles look great, and the gray scales you use make it look like reading a printed manga!

And that cover page... Looked really nice as well! Like a painting. I can defenitely tell this is gonna become really populair soon ;)
Aaah, I never knew you also uploaded this comic in French!
Haha that's awesome, I recently started learning French so trying to read this will be super useful to me xD
Yay! Evil laughing for no reason!
October 15th, 2016
Sorry for the small hiatus!
College has started again which means I'm super busy! D:

Always happy to see this updating wether it's late or not ^^
Does the book have your author comments?
I love those.
I neeeeed those
Why do I feel like my English is getting crappier and crappier with every page?

For some reason I just can't find the sentences or find the right words to write down.

Wait, why did he need them to examine females? What a weirdo.
I love love love the puruglys design <3