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Our rankings don't exactly match up, but we've got the same sentiment - this season was /way/ too negative.
Uh...I'm pretty sure they wait until they're voted out to tell them. That's how they do it in...every reality show, ever.
@Ryo the Hedgehog: From what I've heard, it was Wrecker.
I do hope this isn't going to be as twist-laden as SFC5 - that could probably break the season for me, since character development and story arcs > twists abound.
Adrian: Not my choice for an All-Star, but he was pretty interesting before. I can't wait to see what he does now that he's not a lovebird.

Baxter: Probably an early boot - these people aren't idiots, they're going to remember him.

Bonnie: Nope.

Chloe: Woah, weird choice. With Chrii being in the game I can see this being a season to watch.

@Vilecheese: That's right, the tribes are like a degree from an online university. (Whose Line ftw)
April 1st, 2012
@Matty777: It also means he doesn't understand how edgic works.
I'm so far from the future I haven't even been born yet.

Top /that/.
March 24th, 2012
PS: Jewel is the best pre-merge boot. With that I agree.
Alright, so I'll rank each contestant from bottom to top, cause that's easier:

20th - Zachary (20th place): Yeah, Matt 2.0 got tired after his first syllable. Once I saw him in his cast, I was hoping he'd be gone soon...and he was! Thank god.

19th - Gretchen (19th Place): Oh hey, first two gone are the first two gone. Well, I barely remember Gretchen. All I remember about her is that she was CPN in Episode 2 for some reason, and that's only because I follow edgic. Other than that, who?

18th - Kathy (4th): Yes, I know it's shocking, and if I reread the season she'll probably grow on me, but I hated this gamebot and every single one of her fans. She was boring, she was uninteresting, she was a hypocrite, she was an idiot, she got played by the villain and everyone was saying she was a genius, and above all she's a gamebot. And not even an interesting gamebot like Rene, just a boring one. That's all I have to say.

17th - Aleksan (13th): I don't really have any strong opinions on Aleksan, I just thought he was kinda boring. He had amazing athletic prowess, and being a victim to Prescilla must be a bitch, especially in such a terrible way. But yeah, kinda boring.

16th - Summer (14th): For the fourth and final time: "DAT HAAAAAAAIR!" I liked Summer pre-comic, I really did, but she kinda fell flat. She had some moments, like at the fire or the bit where she called out Frank about his sexism, but other than that, she was a bit stale. I bet she'd do better in an All-Star season though.

15th - Ieakeakeakeaka (15th): I thought she was kinda cool - she'd be in Kathy's place if it wasn't for the fact that Kathy's superfans are fucking mental, which pushed up my opinion of her tenfold. I liked her powers and stuff, and she had her moments, and once again she was a victim of Prescilla, and it was only thanks to Tofu being sneaky and Kathy being a control freak that she left. Poor girl.

14th - Mercy (18th): I love Mercy, but there were 13 better characters this season - the witch who couldn't control the fact she was a witch and was targetted by smug little turds like Zachary because of it, only for him to end up blindsided xD She was kinda one-note, and she really couldn't go any further than 17th place, so this is where she ends up. She had her moments though.

13th - Robert (12th): Let me get this straight - I loved the Donny/Robert feud. I felt there was some ways around it, but I digress. The biggest butt monkey of the season was set up so often and mistreated by his tribe and seen as a boot so much and left out of the loop all the time so often I thought he'd end up the winner. And if I didn't like Donovan so much, my opinion of him would be lowered. But I love Donovan, I love Robert, so this is where he is.

12th - Adrian (16th): This guy was pretty good - I haven't got much to say in depth, except that I felt pretty bad after he got duped by Prescilla. Poor guy.

11th - Starr (10th): Every season needs a complex character who goes through emotional change, and this season's was Starr. She had a great story, and I had her picked as a possible winner ever since episode four. And then she got duped by Prescilla. I liked her.

10th - Sanza (5th): The hero, ladies and gentlemen. He dominated challenges. He stayed loyal and true to Ieakea even when paranoid control freak Kathy wanted her out. He stayed sane when the rest of his alliance became holier-than-thou. He was everyone's pic from day 1, and then that all came crashing down. I personally knew he would never be the winner, but I just humoured everyone who did. I didn't dislike him, but I didn't love him, so smack dab in the middle is where he lands.

9th - Jewel (17th): I've never read the Hunger Games, and I don't plan on seeing the movie, but I do no that you don't fuck with a chick who won the Hunger Games. If Frank had known what the Hunger Games were before he booted her, he would have made her a part of her alliance earlier. Some say she was one-note, I say bullshit. She was amazing, and my favourite pre-merge boot. Jewel for Second Chances!

8th - Tofuchao (Runner-Up): Once everyone stopped thinking he would be the mastermind of the season, I began to appreciate him a tiny bit more. He was the crucial vote at a few challenges. He let his alliance take the heat while he cruised to the end and stabbed everyone he could in the back. I doubt his chances at winning, but he was pretty interesting.

7th - Jocosta (7th): I'll admit, I'm biased - my favourite characters usually end up being African American characters, and other favourite characters end up being women. That's how Kris, Manya, Shaniqua and such became some of my personal favourites (it's a little bit of Sucks in me). She kinda dwindled after the merge, but she had a solid story of the mother of the Latrines before the merge, and even had her little moments after the merge, and that's why she's my favourite Latrine.

6th - Frank (11th): I initially hated Frank because he was a stereotype. Then I loved him because I realised how much of a father he was to his tribe. I don't think any of the other members of The Alliance could have lead as well as Frank, but he had his points - at the challenges they had been in, the men did do better than the women. He had a good story, and he would have made a good winner had he just toned down his sexism so I wasn't so offended. But the good outweigh the bad in the end.

5th/4th - Brenton/Madison (6th/8th): Clusterfuck. The most epic clusterfuck of a romantic couple ever. They both tie for 5th/4th because they were both supposed to be idiots, but made more sense than most of the other tribe combined. They were manipulated by Prescilla, but I didn't feel sorry for them because they had to work with her, so it was mutual. Madison and Brenton made more moves and had more of an affect on the season surpassed only by Prescilla. I would call them the supporting cast of SFC9. The co-stars made the Top 2.

3rd - Donovan (9th): Donovan wasn't just an amazing character, he was a unique character. There's no equivalent to Donovan. Before his big reveal, he was a highly cultured mysterious lion who could speak to Mercy and knew stuff he shouldn't have, while simultaneously putting everyone off. Then the tribe swap. That hilarious feud which people took way too seriously. Then his moments with Cherman and Prescilla. He knew his vote wouldn't decide the winner, so his job was to foreshadow. His game was as under-the-radar as it got, yet he got more screentime than anyone. Donovan was the breakout star of SFC9, and I wouldn't mind seeing him again.

2nd - Prescilla (3rd): If I had to rank a list of Top Survivor villains, here's my top 5. Fairplay. Colton. Ami. Randy. and Prescilla. Why is she among them? Simple. She's larger than life than most real Survivor villains. She maximised every second of her screen time. She's the definition of character. She's the most despicable person ever. She had the same reaction from the lesser minds of the fans than Colton did. And just like what's already happened with Colton, I'd become fans with her on Facebook any day. You can't fake people like this. Prescilla was the co-star of SFC9, and there is no denying it. Anyone who doesn't appreciate it needs to grow up.

1st: - Cherman (Sole Survivor): Was there any real doubt here? The perpetual underdog of the season, the guy who everyone took for granted, and ended up exposing the biggest villain in the entire series. Anyone who talks him down because "he didn't play the game" or "He made no moves" needs to be removed from the keyboard and learn that's not how Survivor works. The jury will always make the right decision, and the jury will never vote for someone they don't like or respect. Plain and simple, they hated Prescilla. Plain and simple, they didn't respect Tofu. Everyone loved Cherman, and whoever doesn't love Cherman hates sunshine and happiness. The only thing is, he can only appear here. If he appears in SFC10, it will ruin his legacy, because we all know he won't win. He's the hero of SFC9, and that's where he deserves to say. I'd put him in my Top 5 characters ever written, up there with Montana.

So uh...yeah, that's my ranking. I'm not good at reasoning, but that's just my ranking.
March 24th, 2012
Every so often, I think you make some good points, and then you do this. I thought you were better than this =\

Swooso, I loved this season - the downfall at the end was equivalent of the Four Horsemen being blindsided in Fiji. That moment was greater than the sum of its parts, and propelled this season into greatness. I'd put it just behind Season 3. Plus, the MOST LIKEABLE WINNER EVAR.

Imma write up my personal rankings for this season in just a few.
*waits for the voting reveal D:*
Bonnie > Vinnie > Minerva > Baxter >> Wrecker >>> Melanie > Marius >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ;>>>>>>>> Skazz >>>> Russell >>>>>>>>> Zachary >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Matt

That's just my personal scale. Skazz is about as relevant to SFC as...I dunno, Ben Browning. And notice how nobody ever speaks about Ben Browning anymore.
Best. FTC. Ever.

I would have liked probably a tiny bit more attention on the other two, but it's fine either way - very satisfying.
March 21st, 2012
@Vilecheese: I'm on a first-name basis with several of the most esteemed names in the Survivor fandom (at least the ones who aren't contestants at least). I'm parroting at least two-three years worth of accumulated knowledge over and over in this comic and in Swooso's comic. I may not edit the show, but I know a lot about it.

(I also had an ex who worked in reality tv, if that's anything extra to go by)
March 21st, 2012
@Vilecheese: And that's why you don't edit Survivor episodes.
@mydoctor93: The person who wrote all that is an idiot who doesn't get how Survivor works. Plain and simple.
@mydoctor93: Objectively, it's not for us to decide, it's for the jury to decide. They're the ones who've lived with her and such and are responsible for deciding who wins the million. Our opinion is irrelevant. We can say "I would have voted for [NAME]", but it does nothing to justify a win or loss.

Subjectively though, she deserves the money as much as Russell does. That is, not at all.
March 21st, 2012
^ That.