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Need help with sprites just PM me ;)
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Fear the pink blasta!
Hey, I'm the panda guy! >:{
happy 100 comics guys!
When I got the sprites it didn't have a tag. But I'll give credit.
EDIT: I love my avatar.
I tried to shade the style it originally was.
Heres some sprites I made.
Original sprites copyright respected owners.
Okay only 3 more sprites and I'll be ready to enter the Rpg contest. :D
You mean "If" Sonic is freed! >:D
February 4th, 2008
Awesome dude, a big improvement.
Can you still enter the rpg contest?
Uh, Mr.Spirite why do have the EXACT same body of the sprites from
WolflanDarkWolfs random character except for a slight edit of taking the tail away...
Of course you can.
Oh and also I just got a MacBook do you guys any programs I can use for spriting other than PaintBrush or SeaShore?
Yep here are my sprites, I'll add more later...
Can someone make me some a good battle version of him?
When did Jeshi leave?
I just noticed were 6 comics away from 300 comics!
I've been on vacations all summer is all I have to say...
Whats that?
I got this from a bumper sticker...
I'll cameo.
You can find my sprites on Auhtortastic.