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Aria Garde
I like Pokemon, videogames and manga...

Gonna add some soon... Maybe...
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Did he just bake the cake with the kid inside it? XD
Now Atty will think twice on how he treats DT XD
So far... The summary looks interesting XD
Now... If only he'd find and capture a shiny caterpie... <_<
This actually happened with my 2 year old brother and 16 year other brother XD
Last panel=epic face XD
Aaaand~ This marks the beginning of Chapter 1!
The art quality gets better starting from page 4 (I think):P
So... I made most of this in MS Paint... So which is better, Paint or Photoshop? <_<
Sorry if it's messy... I had to transfer from MS paint to Adobe, then MS paint, then Adobe then MS Paint <_<
Aaand... I hade to adjust the size due to file size limit <_<
Here's the dialogue anyway...

Glad that was over... Wanna grab a bite?


Uwee (Eevee):
Well... If it isn't the Flashfloods

So... I was saying...

Listen to us, your superiors

Whatcha' need Uwee? Grunt?

Grunt (charmander):
Nothing. What would we need from dro--

Okay then. Since you don't need us, we'll be going now~

I'm not done with you!
Don't you want to know the different sections?

Does it have anything to do about food?

I guess it does. After all...

*Marilles & Picha immediately zoom in front of the Eevee and Charmander*

Well... According to your placement exams, you will be placed on your proper section...
It's sooo hard to fit in the text... T_T
So... Here:
(starting from the 4th panel)
All I did was break a few pillars...
Take some food...
dig some holes
and now, principal's hot on me

Picha:(this was supposed to go first, but due to space issues... ^^")
Hold on... I think I went too far back...

Marilles(yes, that's his name):
do I look like I care?

Picha:(supposed to be the whole explanation, but it wouldn't fit XD)
With a special timed mechanism, the circuit connecting to the lights break. This then completes another circuit I prepared which leads to the platform above the stage. There, your brother, Azu, sleeps and gets shocked be the flow of voltage from my circuit. Because of this, he falls down on principal.

Principal: (this one was out of order due to space issues ^^")
And this will go to the records...
You may go now

Picha: Finally!

I'll *try to* fix my space issue... XD
Reminds me of my battle with Brock in Blue XD

Me:Metapod, harden!
Brock:Onix, bide!
Me:Metapod, harden!
Brock:Onix, bide!
Me:Metapod, harden!
Brock:Onix, bide!
Me:Metapod, harden!
Brock:Onix, bide!
Me:... *turns off Gameboy*