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I can be shy and i can be crazy :D
I love Animes and Mangas <3

So..i want to try my own Manga and upload it here :)
I cant draw own Manga characters so i just can edit some with bases.
If someone knows if its not allowed to upload Mangas with bases please tell me =)
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Im reading the whole manga again :D
Smexey ~ :3
August 9th, 2011
Whaaa i totally love this manga <3
Can't wait to see more *-*
OMG i wish i could draw like you *___*
It looks SO amazing!!!!!
Awww that looks so sweet <3
Ain't it sexy!! xD
Woah i love your manga x3
Why are they lookings so great together? Dx Great page x3
Your drawings are so great x3
Omg she/he looks so cute O.O <3
How to use this XDDD
He's so mean x__x
That looks so great x3
Beautiful colouring <3
Aww Ichi.. D:
AWWWWWW Ichi kissed him Q___Q Thats SO cute >3<
Ahhh so cute! >w<