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September 11th, 2014
I love the color on the outside of the panel on the lower right! It adds emotion and importance to the scene. What do you use to paint this?
I like how Lee pushed in a book with a heart on it...subtle hint at all the shipping going on here :)
the hand holding and blushy smiles make my heart feel so happy! <3 they are just too cute!
I found a song about unrequited love that I thought would fit nicely with this scene (or at least a scene in this comic): "Luv, Hold Me Down" by Drowners
Thank you for the lovely comic again! I think the awkwardness and friendship came across nicely! And I, again, love the facial expressions and gestures! It's so real!
No it can't end! This is such a lovely comic! It was really nice to see a more vulnerable side of Blake and hear about their pasts. Again: you draw expressions like a god! Well, all good things must come to an end eventually, i guess. I can't wait until the next update!
I think you are doing a great job in the colors and style of this comic. I love her expression in the last panel; it is exactly how i feel when I am suddenly crowded with family! I am really excited to see where the plot goes and I am looking forward to really sweet, easy going comic! Thanks for updating!
his face in the picture is priceless...and then Ruthie's face in the next panel! pfft! xD
Can't say it enough times, but I love this comic and all of the facial and bodily expressions that you draw!
OH SNAP! did not see that one coming...!!
Well it's all out in the open now! Better think up an explanation Blake, cuz it just got real
I didn't see that coming, I think! Especially becuase of the scene where Janey threw her phone off a roof and got really upset! I thought she was arguing with her boyfriend if I remember correctly. I can't wait to learn her backstory! Oh, and can I just say how much I looooove how you draw expressions and paint the pages. You use watercolors, right? You are so good at getting the emotions across and you put everything in just the right place to guide the eye across the page! I love reading your comic! :D
How dare you leave us at 'because..'!
I can't wait for the next update!!
The End???
This was very interesting although very he is dead?