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I'm a bore.
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LOL@ Robby (Guest)
At first I thought it was just a piece of paper only very crumpled and somehow red then I saw the last panel and I'm like OMG I'M SO BLIND.

And lol @ Robby (Guest). Seriously unintentionally summoning a monster? LOL that is so original haha. But what if right? ;D
I can't omg.
Omg I just can't hold it!! I'm screaming inside but I really can't hold it much longer. Omg I love you guys! ♥
Sergio and Simon. You guys are making me so hopeful. Hurry up and confess to each other D:<
Ugh so cute.
Agreeing with Tablix :o
Old books seem so interesting. :)
And lol Simon harsh.
And is it just me or is there already something I'm sensing between Nilus and Simon. xD
Aww was kind of hoping for Serge and Simon ;(
Oh well. This page is hilarious xD
Aww Simon you pay such great attention to Sergio xD. I love you guys *O*

Oh no! There's only about 6 more pages left for this chapter D: amIrite? :(
You guys have no idea how happy you make me xD I'm sitting here going through a pile of homework and reviews right before finals then I visit MAOH and I see this update with Jet being Jet and omg I can't stop smiling!! xP

Aww Jet :c

edit -
Agreeing with Fozzymillow here :)
Ahh don't leave us hanging like this D:
Oh gawd.
Can I just say that I think Eliot is so cute xD I love his hair!!