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Sorry about it
Oh, sorry bout it! I though I finished posting it up, but it wasn't! Luckily I check it out


HaveCare: Sure :D
A photo ?
XD This was a photo I took during the process of drawing Cosmos Hazard. :D


euphiemia: Erm, I'm not quite really sure @_@ Erm, in short, all the event happend before was just a bad dream to Lia, but when she woke up in her real world, it's really happening. I mean the end of the world? XD That's what the story was about. As the tittle say, Cosmos Hazard.
Thank you :D
:D :D :D :D :D :D
Thanks for reading :D Next page for a thank you notes then :D
Kyo's so cute :D
It was just a dream :D
Her Spirit! @o@
Oh oh! Her spirit ~ No Lia, Don't die D:
Die? Naw~~~
Oh yeah!
Btw! If u ever notice that one by one the next images is getting more and more hollow, it is just the way it is. :D Means that's how the story board goes.
Finally pg 12 and onwards :D
D: Sry Guys~
Sorry for the late update. XO I'm busy lately, so I had only this update. Gotta wait a few days more to get the next update.
Pg 10 :D

- same same :D
Lia look funne XD

- XD Agree
Whee~~~ Guess who? .... (u know, from tsubasa chronical?) XD The kids I mean. :D

- Yep, XD But u could also say that there not. And thx :D
Yay! Page 7
Osh Osh! Page 7 is done. :D Page 8 is coming right after this. :D

Oh oh! Btw I forgot a "Beautiful" word in the large panel above. Sorry bout that.
Humm... Nth much about here except the curiosity of "that?" "it?" or "what?"

- Have to wait I guess :D

- Thx. The wait was ... even Lia doesn't know. :D
Finally pg5
Well, took me quite awhile to put this up, coz I only done it juz now not long ago.

- Lolz! @v@ (laugh)
Now Lia look scary here. @_@" But is it really Lia?

Replies to comment :D

- Umm, not really :D

Fiasco Ninja:
- :D Thx

Jin: Ok~ Thx

- Lolz, voodoo doll. XD And thx!