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March 10th, 2018
Not in a thousand years my dear Yuichi xD.
I am so using this technic next time i have to scape from a conversation!! I shall bring a blanket with me 24/7.
As always, amazing job on this comic, as funny and endearing as ever.
March 19th, 2017
they are not the best when you have a deadline :(
March 9th, 2017
howie´s hair and that turtle neck sweater, OMG YES!!!!!
January 13th, 2017
omg sooch!!! just give howie your ass, i mean your heart ... ups xD you know you want to, so get over with this.
omg i´m loving Tom sooooo muuuch!!!!
Happy birthday!!! The best wishes for you and all the success in the world, sincerely from the bottom of my heart. Hope you had had a beautiful and enjoyable day with lots of food, friends, family and cake, overall CAKE!!...and handsome gay guys touching and kissing in front of the whole party jajajaja XB
Omg!! You can almost listen to how the wheels in hero's head slowly start to move. About time Hero, about fucking time my boy. (Facepalm)

As alwals, great job with this comic and the silly boys in it Amanduur!! MAYOR THUMBS UP :D
Hope your health is better!! Take care girl
Omg!! I can't even, i love it so much.
i know you do your best to update as frecuently as you can, but even if you updated one page per minute it wouldn't be enough, this webtoon is sooooo good, that you just simply can't have enough of it.
You are awesome, and a great day to you too.
please tell me you will continue this story, pleaaaseeeee!!! i beg you!!, you have no idea how happy it made me to see an update of this webtoon, i´m litarally flipping with joy, don't let it die, please keep it going !!! make a permanent come back...please!! TT - TT
an update!!!! yeiii ;A;!!! so happy to see that you didn't abandoned us and as always you came back with a beautiful page.
Awww poor takeshi, sushi san please accept takeshi's feelings TT - TT, you would be a devil if you dared to say no to that face
@Lucid: only god knows how much i'm loving this new story, i just came from reading acid monday and it just amazes me how much your art has improved, i guess i was luky to be able to read it in just one sit (continuously without interrupting myself) cause that way you can fully appreciate the transition.
i purchased the pdf, i wanted to buy the printed version but i probably wouldn't have received it anyway since i'm from mexico and our post service is a fucking bermuda triangle (everything that goes in disappears).
Ren's story was by far my favourite, truly loved the extras, they were beautiful in every single way.
Sorry for the length of this message, love your work, looking forward to see what's coming next, wish you tons of luck and success
@Xiaoyu_ve: awww. thak you for keep on going and good luck with everything, my best wishes :)
omg!!!! you're back, that's great!!! can't wait to see how this story continues, i'm so glad you have no idea. totally loving the new 2 pages x3
wow!! so great you are back!!! i entered to check (without much expectations)if any of my favourites had already updated and BOOM i see this, i blew in pure excitement, really so good to have you back LOVE your work
please continue this!!! my god i've read the full thing until know like sixteen times no kiding, i must know what happened to them?? to cassie and wesley please have mercy
May 24th, 2013
i honestly like them better now :D
awww link :3 soooo kind and thoughtful!!! love your work,the images are beautiful and the story seems incredibly promising, really we could't ask anymore it's a pleasure to read you :D
hide under the bed sushi, jump out the window, run where he can´t reach you!!! hahaha i definitely saw that reaction coming, love that he is always so hopeless xD. Now he´s been cornered... i wonder how things will turn out.
Bad boy bad boy what you gonna do when takeshi comes for you?? .... ok no o////o (as always a lovely funny page, your work always brightens up my boring college duties related all nighters)
omg can't wait to see what happens next!!! i think takeshi's friend is kind of expecting a chance to do something fishy to atsushi xD, i also want for takeshi to show up soon :P

love your comic!!! is awesome and so are you for making this great story with such endearing/funny/silly characters,my best wishes for you always