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Just someone who likes Pokemon, and comics. :D
Questions can be aimed at my tumblr!
Early update because I want to make a con announcement xD
I will be in Creators Super Fest, Jakarta this weekend, 26-27 October 2019, at booth A25 Aletheia Circle :D I'll also be one of the Art Duel participant! My art duel is scheduled at 15.00 if anyone wants to watch hahaha

OK, now the actual comment about the update. You can probably guess that I didn't actually threw the Master Ball in-game. I think I threw Dusk Ball? I'm not really sure, but it did break. Artistic liberty! I like to think the dragons are these really powerful beings that you can't just easily catch by throwing a Master Ball :'D
I've been waiting for this!!

Aah, the further we go into the story, the less I can say without spoiling anything... Anyway, I almost didn't want to color this, but... if Zekrom's revival got colored, I really want Reshiram's revival to have colors, too ;w;

Special thanks to my beta readers: @Aozora210 and Ray!
@eworm: wow, haha that is very detailed. Well... all I can say is, thank you for your feedback! Things are still developing, so I hope you look forward to see what I've planned in future updates :D
@JustARandomKid: hello, sorry I don't know anything since I just directly upload it to SJ >< try opening with a different browser or device? If it still can't work, I'll try uploading somewhere else..
Hello... OK I swear this is the last of the... "build up" updates. I really wanted to draw this. My pain, allow me to share them...

(by the way, Fire Emblem Three Houses is incredible. I'm losing all my free time into this game. Help me)

See you next month!

Special thanks to my beta readers: @Aozora210 and Ray!

Also, convention announcement [Indonesia]:
I would be coming to Comic Frontier / Comifuro 13 next month! My stuff will be at booth F13ab, Sunday only. More info will be on my twitter @piyostoria!
...ok, I'd be there mostly for my office work, so I probably won't be around to chat... But my stuff will be there at that booth ;w;
@JustARandomKid: Thank you so much for the kind words! Good luck with your art life too, everyone starts somewhere :D
We're back... with the final member of the royal family. _(:3)rz

Special thanks:
My beta readers - Aozora and Ray
@mudru: Thank you for reading, too! And good luck with your blog!

@SentryBeat: haha, that's the general mood :P

@A-K-TheLittleFairy: aa thank you very much! I saw all your comments! I can't believe how long this has been running, either, hahaha... I really hope to finish this though! Thank you again :')

and again thanks for everyone's comment! You keep me excited to work on this :D
@Jet: haha thank you! yeah I was pretty nervous about this one, didn't want to make it too awkward ;;;; (and thanks for the speedy comment xD sorry it took me a while to reply!)

@EmilyAnnCoons: ah yeah I could, but the author comment will be dated when I uploaded it xD it kinda bothers me haha. And I'm glad, I liked drawing them too :D

and thank you everyone else! sorry for not replying one by one) Your comments make me excited, thank you very much :>
Well, that was awkward. Sorry to subject you to an awkward family dinner situation(?)

By the way, about the poll last update. Monthly schedule won by a landslide! Okay then, thank you for your inputs! I had planned to update on Sundays, but seems like I'll be busy the next weekends, so... early update? :'D

Special thanks:
My beta readers - Aozora and Ray
Hello!! We're finally getting to the feels! ;;w;; I'm excited! *clutches heart*

BTW, I have a question for you readers. I'm trying to plan my update schedule, which do you prefer?

1. twice a month, shorter time to wait between cliffhangers, but longer hiatus
2. monthly, more time between cliffhangers, but shorter hiatus

You can vote here:
oof I just realized you can only vote if you have twitter account... I guess you can also comment with your answer? :'D

Special thanks:
My beta readers - Aozora and Ray
It's late replies time!
(I'm very thankful for all of your comments, one of these days I'll try to reply more ;w; )

@EmilyAnnCoons: well, anatomy is hard. :P

@Gastly: I'm glad! I didn't really plan to trick ppl, just entertain xD

@AndreTheLugia: He sure isn't :')

@ZHODY the delfinator: Oh, happy belated birthday then! Sorry for this kind of "gift" hahah

@eworm: Haha, don't worry, I have a few plans stashed in my script! Just you wait (patiently) (thank you)

@Chendra Limiarja: :'D Yes I'm still here! Thank you for waiting ;w; (an answer to your previous question, without going into details, I kinda live in both cities!)

@darth deebious the wise: Haha yeah, no way I'll pull off a sudden lovey-dovey like that xD

@sakohju: Thank you! That flow chart of Panic was a good memory lol

@Rubombee: Thank you for taking the time to comment here ;w;

@Shawn: Thanks a lot Shawn! Sorry about the translation typo a few pages back haha... And sorry this is pretty much the only place I post the updates nowadays? Maybe using RSS would help? :'D (I never used it myself, though)
Well... it's past midnight at my place but I'm posting anyway! Happy early update! ;D ;D

Anyway, about Zoroark having a girlfriend, it never came up in the comic but it's something that... happened. More info here I suppose:

The song being referenced: Ai to Iu Na no Toga (A Sin Called Love) by Sound Horizon

Special thanks:
My beta readers - Aozora and Ray
Ah, N’s room. So much information to be gathered in one tiny room. Also I’m so excited to finally reveal Zoroark’s new outfit! 8D

Ah right, it might be worth mentioning this comic started before BW2 were released, so I had a bit more liberty with N’s past.

Anyway, I’m so sorry I don’t reply much! I always worry about accidentally spoiling... All your comments are so appreciated ahh thank you for reading my comics QwQ

Special thanks:
Translation help - Key and Aozora
beta readers - Aozora and Ray
I'm not sure if the current comic's format work with my site's layout, but... oh well. It's up!

If you follow my social medias you might have seen the painting before? Click here for the full image. (which reminds me, my tumblr is kinda dead.) It's been a long time since I finished that painting, I'm so glad to finally use it in the comic.

(also, I'm very excited for Sword and Shield! <s>I can't believe this comic has gone through several Pokemon generations</s>)

Special thanks:
Shawn for helping with the Latin. (it's been years, but I'm finally using the Latin we talked about! hahaha)
Aozora and Ray, my beta readers!
Hello! Cutting it close but it's still February right? 8D

So, after recovering from the wrist pain and... everything else, I had to really rethink stuff if I want to continue updating this comic and not spend like a year per update with my other obligations... but I really want to continue this! So I'm trying this current new line/shading thing. I think it's much more feasible to do. I'm hoping I can stick with once-every-2-weeks schedule this time.

(also, apparently there will be a Pokemon Direct tomorrow! I'm excited!)

Special thanks to my beta readers Aozora and Ray! They're nuzlockers as well so maybe check up their stuff? :D
I know it's over halfway through January but I wanted to draw them in kimono :'D so, uh, yeah! After dead tablet, dead laptop, and other stuff, comic will be back sometime in February! I don't want to say an exact date, but maybe around mid-February? Thank you for still reading... I'm looking forward to update, pls pray for my wrist health... <sub>or my health in general... <sub>please oh my god I just want to draw</sub></sub>

Also, did you know that the 2018 Nuzlocke Forums Fan Run Extravaganza voting is up? And Pi and Pea's Adventures is apparently nominated for Most Improved Comic Run? :'DD Voting ends Jan 18th (which is tomorrow at my time...) so click on the link, check out the nominations and vote for your favourites!
@JackTheBest: thank you very much for waiting :') I do my best!

@Digiblade: oh man thanks for your first time commenting! Greatly appreciated!

@Chelvo @artificer urza: That's exactly it, isn't it? ;D

@PartnerInLime: Aw, thank you so much I certainly hope I can live up to the hype lol... As to answer your question, yeah! I'll have like... a couple episodes of the aftermath. IDK yet how long, but definitely some stuff to wrap up.
We are finally getting into [i]that[/i] castle soon... *sweats* I'm moving at a snail's pace ahahhhhaaaa

but anyway! I hope you guys enjoy! Also disclaimer, for next pages I might kinda cut more corners and figure out how to finish an episode faster without cutting too much quality, because I don't have as much free time as I used to... but I still very much want to finish this ;w;

Indonesian announcement: Saya bakal ada di Pasar Komik Bandung (Bandung 5-6 Mei), dan Creators Super Fest (Jakarta, 12-13 Mei) :D info nomor booth menyusul. S-sebenernya gak tau bakal bawa apa di Pakoban selain bawa diri, tapi mungkin buat CSF bakal ada new draws?? Maybe?? IDK LOL if you're around and want to come I'll be available to talk haha
Aaand.... here we are. The Rise of Team Plasma.

I... don't know what to say about the update so let me talk a bit about the drawing?? I attempted to draw this on paper first, which I actually did back then in Inktober 2017... personal note, never again. Fixing the pages to look right on computer took too much time for me. o<< but anyway I hope you enjoyed this episode!

Oh yea I should mention I can't really open tumblr bc it got blocked, so until I got vpns going I can't update my nuztumblr, sorry!