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Just someone who likes Pokemon, and comics. :D
Questions can be aimed at my tumblr!
@Guest: her mom's pokemon, yes xD when I first started playing for this nuzlocke's run, I had just finished an HG run so I gave Pi's mom that run's pokemon!
@Shawn: I did mean that Pea is more worried about her than about Kuli! (I didn't know morrying is a thing, noted hahaha)
@Ragnorok: Um... you do know there are updates after this post, right?
@VictoryStar: I... I did :')))) I don't know what I was thinking. (I wasn't)
Well, I certainly didn't expect the battle to turn up that way. I guess I hecked up while playing haha;;;;;;

it seems like I can't really hold up my plan of regular updates. Gomennasai but I hope you all still enjoyed this update. ;w;

Thanks to Aozora for the help with the grayscale! Oh also, the Nuzlocke Forums has their annual extravaganza thing, the nomination period is almost over but there's a tiny bit of time if you want to nominate this comic or your other favs in the community xD

This is probably the last update in 2017, so... see you next year everyone!
OK so one of these days I should actually reply on comments...

@BaconBub: She's just accepting fate 8D
@angryskitty: Even with buffer I'm struggling right now xD Give me your strength /heh
@WiispNightmare: Aw, I didn't mean to undermine my own effort, let along yours xD I'm just saying, compared to making a longer, drawn out battle, this is a lot less work!
@jet: Yeah I'll still draw her chibi time to time xD less worktime! Also Obelix is unstoppable!
@AUnderSave: if it's any consolation, I'm pretty sure you'll still get at least a year's worth of updates from me hahaha
You know, I almost combined these first two battles because of how uneventful they are... Gotta compensate with N vs. Alder stuff instead. But! I think there are more happening in the next battles. Shauntal and Marshal battles do deserve their own updates, unlike these.

Still, hope you guys enjoyed! Two more battles!

Also, special thanks to Aozora for helping me with the grayscale! Check out her nuzlockes too maybe? :>
We're here, at the Elite Four challenge!

Sorry if this was kinda quick but I have to budget my energy and save my efforts for battles/scenes where something actually happens, ok.

I hope I can keep up with a weekly update until the Elite Four is over! Wish me luck ;;
@Guest: well... I'm currently working on my thesis, so I don't know yet! the plan is some time in august, but I can't promise...
@Shawn: Later reply but it sure has been a while, isn't it? Gratias for all these years, Shawn!
@nglrocks07: Thank you!! ^O^

@Cpu: I appreciate the encouragement, but please understand that I don't want to start without proper planning. Webcomics don't pay my bills (not yet, anyway! Wish me luck? :D) and I have a lot of other things to do, I don't want to announce its reboot and turns out I have to focus on other obligations and can't make another update until the next year or so. That would suck for the readers too lol. I want the best for everyone, I hope you understand!

@Jordemme: Thank you for putting my thoughts into words into words! Still, I'm flattered that people like my comic, abandoned or not :')
@eworm: I think I remember Obelix has been using that Bright Powder for a while so yeah! Also lol that's not a mistake, more like I'm too lazy to think of actual dates.

@Cpu: I'm screaming....... I've been meaning to reboot that comic but it just didn't happen yet. I'm sorry!

@Guest: Yep! Those can't be used.

And to everyone else, thanks a lot for your comments! ;w;
Finally drawn these profiles! I've kept their endgame stats written in my notes since forever... now I can show it :') (endgame as in the stats when I went inside the E4 in the game) Also, made Pi's trainer card! I had one before but it used Petty's template (which I can't find again, sorry), felt like I had to make my own. Now finally her full name is mentioned in the comic, lol

And just in time for the 6th anniversary of the comic! Wow, 6 years... this sure has been a while. I can't believe there are so many still following this comic TwT Thank you very much! I may not reply comments much, or update very often... but your support really means a lot to me!
@nglrocks07: Well, for story purposes since this is a nuzlocke gameplay, in-game "fainted" counts as death. I'd say Revives exist but they're only for fainted pokemon...
@Axies @arensonjt: yeah, I was thinking that it was his subordinates who proposed the idea, and he just okay'd it.
@Hidroxiuro: a solution would be to reread them each so you don't get them confused :P

@HarrisonButterGem: not really? Other than the Self-Destruct move.
Ah, memories of that day. Truly, a beautiful last memory. You know, I feel like I need a name for that day when Reshiram and Zekrom "destroyed Unova with fire and lightning"... I've only been calling it that day. But maybe I'll stick with that, because I think the Dragons would just call it that. That day.

Sorry this is not the E4 battles yet! Thank you for bearing with me, I simply can't skip these scenes before the battles. Next episode, for sure... Until then, I would ask for your patience again. m(_ _)m

Also sorry if by the next episodes I can't reply comments much... the further we are to the end, the more I worry about spoiling! But your comments are greatly appreciated, thank you and see you on the Elite Four battles!

For Indonesians: Ada yang dateng ke Pasar Komik Bandung weekend ini? I will be there with my friends but I won't have my own art haha. Kali2 ada yg mo dateng dan ngobrol, kita di booth nomer 16 :>
@Jet: haha yeah!! isn't this an emergency, guys??