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Well there isn't much to say really. I'm 20 years old, going to school, and love comics enough to want to make a living from it.

I love coffee with my sugar and have a cat named L (Not the Death Note Character! )

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    Kasey Johnston
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Wait..... damnit, he fell asleep, didn't he? =_=
Crap. Fucker got Nat good xcx

Love the close up on his pained expression
Awwwww~ He says that like it matters lol

Focus man!
He seems so surprised lol
I feel the crushing hammer coming. That smile :c
Can't fault him for taking advantage of some pleasures ^-^
"No touchy"
January 25th, 2012
I hate to point this out, but I found this and it looks like someone stole this page and used it as a base, also used it word for word.
Okay people need to calm down and learn to take a joke. I'm fairly sure that's all this was and for people to chose to comment just to point out the Homestuck reference is pretty silly to me. People add net culture to comics all the time to make it silly at times, and while I'm no fan of Homestuck, I still find her use of it silly and will keep reading cause I love this comic and am looking forward to the rest of the story :3

People need to be takin' their haterade and pouring it down the drain.
You just got punched with an armored fist, of course it bled silly man.

Oddly enough my favorite part of this page is lil Yashel O3o
worth it ^-^

Better late than never ^o^ No?
Heh, that expression in the last panel is priceless XD
The other two charge him? idk, looks like they were up to SOMETHING last page XD
It came out very nicely for a slow running compy, though :3

Also wanna say how much I love his face and expression in the last panel, can't say exactly why though. Maybe he just looks nummy looking off like that? lol

I still envy your linning skillz woman! Dx<