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Da Bag Man
A super hero who controls brown paper bags. (in raspy voice) I am the Bag man.

Check out NSSH! It's boss and updates daily in the summer!
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Da Bag Man
June 26th, 2012
@awsome guy: That thing you did with your comments is really cool I'm going to steal that.
Nice comic, really nice. Love the spinning scythe effect.
Love those mouths sooooo much. How did you make them?
You might try it with other smackjeeves characters, although don't make it co-author just use other people's characters.
Lol, Lord of the Rings reference.
@Afroman17: Looks better with double blur. I tested.
And I've got a question. This all happens in a two day span?
Do you like it? I do. If you look at my sprite sheet on the first page you'll see I added the Unibagcycle.
I had a much funnier ending but this is a super hero comic not a yaoi comic

Out of all the character intros I think this one ties Bag Man's intro for my favorite.
He'd blend perfectly in a Biology classroom.
Sometimes I wonder why Super Loud can't hear.
Love those things she threw. Really unique. How soon am I expected to make my rebuttal?