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that comment sounded almost inappropriate
there is no need to get more people cause there a 5 Authors,
we (the coauthors and author) write out the complete storyline, then she draws it...
thats it
if victor atacked felix,
why isnt felix in the hospital?
Victor hasn't been introduced yet,
Dont mention him
Gawd sheesh
Gawd dammit fiasco ninja you better start releasing a lot faster or i'll kill you i expect at least 4 releases per week
Hey idiot fiasconinja send me a starbob profile pic already
ok I won't spoil it
Characters so far:
Pseudo: a BOY, is a shota, and is the Lie
Maple: a loli and does all the deskwork
Felix: that f*** pedophile
Baka!! Fiasconinja you said you wouldnt give the readers any ideas about maple and Felix
Lol 12 year old who does all the desk work
on a side note: