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i dont know exactly when kieth started co writing this, but i HAVE noticed that as time passes, the comics have been released more and more frequently and the attitude of the stories have gotten more whimsical and lighthearted. im guessing this is at least partly due to his influence.

as such, its a shame to see him go :(

Kieth, i hope your still planning on dropping into the comments regularly; reading you and gar's witty banter is sometimes as fun as reading the comics itself.

good luck with school.

PS: congrats Gar and Paige on your engagement. do you have any big plans for the ceremony?
you shut your filthy puppet mouth, you whore :3

damnit... i was gonna say the same thing XP
howdy ho!

aint posted in awhile, went away for a bit to let the comics accumulate (i like to read a bunch at once)

love all of the murphy action goin on in the last month or so, i miss the cute LITTLE murphy from back when him and keno were younger, but fat-murphy has alot more personality than he used to :)

havent heard much from keno in a long time though :(

so long! see you in another month or so! o/

EDIT: oh, and id be doin my inner douchebag a disservice if i didn't point out at least one mispelling or oversight :P

in the second frame, you forgot to color in maisy's (maisies**?) right sleeve :3
yea, sailoryue hit it on the bullseye there. Cave Johnson is my fucking hero... and im so sick of hearing that DPC's voice used as a ringtone, im ready to start hitting people XP

i dont wanna ruin anything, so ill stay vague, but youll like wheatley more later i think. he definately gets funner as the game progresses! XD
actually, i really liked wheatley :P

what i didn't like in P2 was Glados... they ruined her in this installment, she was better before she had an identity and a background >.>

wait wait wait...

the lanterns. if ive got this correct, then the gravity reverses in the *middle* of them. which means that each of those lanterns is upside down, and are BOTH dripping candlewax on the floors (below?) them...

not to mention posing a serious fire hazard! i think perhaps this building would not stand up to a serious health/safety inspection :/
lmao XD
i just realized... either shes barfing up tiny bow-ties, or she ate her candy whole with the wrappers still on :P
awww... grammar nazi

you beat me to it :(
had a cat that jumped in the fridge everytime i opened the door. annoyed the hell out of me, so eventually i left him in there and watched an episode of something and came back for him.

he was fine... but, the annoying thing was he still did that afterwards >.<
you know what sucks.... im trying to quit as im reading this...

ive already associated smoking with relaxation, sex, food, beer, and partys... now your trying to attach them to cute as well? >.<
WHY are pointy feet so damned adorable??

the look on keno's face there is priceless :3
thats the tiniest keno ive ever seen... that a pimp suit? o.0
when did gar end up with Mjolnir? (did i spell that even close to right?)
that is adorable. probobly the cutest keno/murphy pic since the dungeons and dragons one :3

also... yyyyyesss... it *IS* offensive to declare a gay valentines day... as much as its done with a good intent it implies normal valentines day is for normal lovers...

see, the above statement becomes moot if you take out the word "normal"... it only leaves "valentines day is for lovers" and ceases to explain why the seperation is necessary. thats why its offensive.

besides, we have "pride day" already and its essentially the same thing, but with added parades, dressing up, and less emphasis on commitment :P

(ps/edit): not offended.
gah, you got me there kieth x.x