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whitch one would you pick
i don't know!
this is sad...
okay, only one person is viewing the comic now, and that's probley me. if you view this, coment
that's the comic beam, something that main chariter does at the end of a comic. credits next!
olimar is such a ideot...
we think shitch bugs are annoying, so pikmin probley hate them to. also, loseing 99 pikmin and haveing your last one snaged is probley worse than loseing 100...
yes, olimar's a idiot. but he won't be dumb if i make a pikmin 2 chapter, because comics are more fun if they have a ideot in them, and the ship would make a beter ideot
okay, these are mostly going to be sprites.( with scratch edits.)
the first comic, and it's specal! only the first comics will be hand drawn!(you can tell why.)
here we go!
i would make a web page, but that's to much work.this isn't a pikmin comic,but random video games.