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Hey! I'm just a nerdy 15 year old Canadian/American girl who loves to animate and draw. Some of my other hobbies are reading, watching cartoons/anime and roller skating :)

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Mugger is so squishy and soft and lovely and sweet Mugger don't feel insecure about your looks youre gorgeous fat n all!
September 13th, 2015
im super curious about this whole hunters thing now ---and of course these two are devastatingly cute goodness <3
The faces I'm dead I love the expressions hahahaha
Yes Chip you are pretty darn cute! I'd go as far as to say you're FUCKING PRECIOUS
Aww yeah get me some of that world building exposition that's what mama likes
everyone is so cute! man I love your style :3
Oops didn't realize I wasn't logged in. But yeah your whole cast is fantastic (and that last panel tho lmao)
She is such a queen I love her. (Lmao his face is priceless such a "you disgust me" kind of face)
September 15th, 2014
oh jeez Slon is freaking adorable I think yet another one of your characters has found their way to my heart!
That punch tho
I love what appears to be their pillow hoards haha
So precious (love the expressions hahaha)
Oh man that second to last panel they're all such dorks hahah
Aw yeah Chip setting the facts and keeping it real (I love him so)
welcome back! (Love the colours)
haha love the whiteboard doodle!
Aw does Louie has a sucky sense on direction? heh
(love the paintings on the walls especially part of the portrait i can see)

the awkwardness and tention in the room is tangible !!
yay super glad to see you back!
Love this cover
you are making my heart explode

dont stop
beautiful page i love how ive seen your art grow and improve so much since i begun reading! and i still applaud your ability to really make your readers fall in love with your characters!! i was catching up on the five or so pages i hadnt read yet, and i had such a dopy grin the whole time (i have a serious case of the warm fuzzies) Not only that, but the writing was beautiful and really hit me close to home and in the heart

i excitedly look forward to more!
aw this is really really nice i can't tell you how wonderful it is to see gay characters that are more than just their sexuality! And the fact that it and the hardships that come with it are being realisticly explored (even thought he setting is fantasy) is just so... nice! I'm Bi myself and am in a gay relationship with my girlfriend, and though i love her, we still hear gay being used as a derogitory term far more than id like (we're together in secret due to our situation). Where the comic is takin a turn hits a bit closer to home, and the way you're writing it really warms my heart. (I also appreciate that you're including the fact that even the one's we love can hurt us with what they say, no just random bullies)
I love love love this comic and am excitedly looking forward to more!!