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@Baby Doll: Thank you. :)
@Guest: Ha, I only used them once. :)
And that concludes this chapter of End of Times. Up next, we continue the first story that ended on page five...Aubrey in The Rabbit Hole.
Come back at three PM! Crestfallen page 5b will be up!
@Mark Stokes: Thank you Mark!
Here is the first half of today's page! Check back at 3PM for the second part!
Dreams of an Imaginary Friend is taking a break. If you like the comic, I hope to bring it back soon. If you follow me on Twitter @caost , that's probably where I will announce a return to this series.
"I sleep under a blanket of ash from a burnt world dreaming of finger tips, a kiss and a vision of wide eyes."
@Mark Stokes: Mark, Thank you very much. I appreciate your support. You have motivated me to be better since the first page. You are a true friend.
LaD finally updated! Sorry, It has been crazy around here lately. I am trying to get back on track with Roger and the gang. My other two comics updated today too, please go check them out and tell me what you think below! :)
Welcome to my new comic Dreams of an Imaginary Friend.

With this new comic, new pages will be posted once a week, if not more, But be warned. The book, though there is an over all plot, will be completely random. One day, it might contain a story page and the next may have a squirrel falling out of the sky. The art will be terribly inconsistent as well. The book is the reflection of the character. Some days there might be doodles in crayon while other days it could have my typical art style. Put your helmets on kids.... I hope you enjoy a new world.
Today is the start of a new chapter of End of Times!


Story and art by C. A. Ostrout.

Yes, that's me.

Check out my other comic Life..after Death.

and my new comic which debuts today, Dreams of an Imaginary Friend.

Please let me know what you think in the comments below. Are you excited for a new story?
This is a bit of a tribute to John Byrne's Man of Steel #3. I waited two years to draw this page for this story, :)
Wow, I haven't updated LAD in three months, exactly. Where have I been?! I have no idea. Maybe a little distracted but if you missed me I have been putting out End of Times on a weekly basis.

I apologize my little LaDs. I'll try to keep this one current again. It is my passion comic. Anyone that can remember where Roger got the Protectorate card from and page number gets a chocolate chip cookie and maybe more.
@Mark Stokes: Thanks Mark! I appreciate it! :)
Tons of awesome socks points to the person that can name the chapter and page Roger is quoting from! :)
@Mark Stokes: That is true. Eyes are the window to I mean...
@Mark Stokes: He does enjoy a bit of drama! :)
@Morgan: You got the chapter right! Wrong page though. Thanks for reading Morgan, I appreciate it! :)
@Mark Stokes: That's the plan! :)