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Greetings! I'm ~Berri~ a twenty one year old college student majoring in communications and minoring in Japanese and Chinese! I might not have ever really taken art classes before, but I love to draw and have so many stories I want to tell! I apologize for my amateur art, but please bear with me as I try to tell a few stories to you!

I'm going to do my very best~!!!
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@Lottos35: Shiny Zubat are so cuuute. I also just really love green. I laughed when I got a green shiny for a green-themed Nuzlocke.
Maybe Back???
I'm trying to organize a schedule so that maybe Magical♀Destiny can be back to regular updates soon... Sorry for vanishing!
And the days of full colour pages have ended for the time being. Sorry, folks. To kind of make up for it, there will be a second update tomorrow.
Thank you for putting up with me! This picture is technically an outfit preview for a future page, uncropped and without text bubbles all over it.
@Lady Hio: Thank you! Hopefully I can keep life from swamping me this time.
Remember the days when I updated regularly? Me neither. But behold! An update! With awful handwriting and everything.

Gonna try to get back into the swing of things since it's summer, but I'm taking summer classes to lighten my load for next year... so I might end up busy again. I'm sorry! ;_;

Thanks for sticking around...!!!

EDIT: Fixed my handwriting~ Hurray! Now you can actually read it.
Brock's Pokemon are apparently in an identity protection program now.

Colouring what I can. ;n;
@coldhotshot: Thank you ;u; I'll still do my best for you all with my black and white pages, promise!
I wanted to colour this page, but all of my classes have projects due this week and I don't want to leave you all hanging anymore :'c Sorry for the half-coloured failure.
Oh no! The first Nuzlocke causality was one of my readers. I must be really bad at Nuzlocke.
@Miles Hikari:

The end of the world did not get me! ^^
School Break Hiatus
Sorry for the lack of updates! After NaNoWriMo I had finals, and then I went home for break... and I forgot to bring the sketchbook that I'd drawn the next three updates in. Sorry!

Updates will resume in mid-January! Until then, I'll try to make some silly fillers? For starters, here are the current characters' New Years resolutions and my critique on the likelihood of them being kept. Hope it gives you some hints for what's to come?
Sorry for the lack of updates! I will be getting myself back on track soon with a new updating schedule!
@kennelofdog: I still backtracked :'D I'm really good at Pokemon, clearly!
Let's guess who'll die!
Whoops, super slow updates AND super lame quality art? I'm horrible. I'm really sorry.

I promise that by the end of chapter 3 you will get your first party death. Hurray! So... if anyone's up for it, let's play a guessing game! If you guess the Pokemon who dies then... I don't know. High five? I'll congratulate you in their RIP picture?
Lame guessing game, sorry.
@Kanra-sama: I am talentless with coloured pencils and felt it cruel to force such horrible quality upon everyone T_T;
This page is such a cop out I'm so sorry x-x; I told myself for a week that I'd figure out what to put here, but now it's just stalling updates. Some day I'll come back and make this better. ;;
Best use of graphing paper.
The chapter two cover has been changed to be a little bit more lesbian. Whoops. Sorry for the random change! Going to change the chapter one cover too, just not sure what to draw yet~.