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How dare they tell me my name has to be at least 3 characters. I am N!!
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Excellent, updated graphics let the carbons better appreciate my detailing.
@darkfiresupersonic: You've never seen a good N fight because none of the hunters can handle me without calling for backup until the law of averages takes over.
X lives a lie. I've never felt a need to initiate battle with him because reality itself will crush him for me.
@Nera half-shadow: We're still in contract negotiations over that one.
@MasterTalon: They weren't crankier, it just sounded that way because of their high-pitched voices. I'm more on the Unicron side. Just go ahead and imagine Orson Welles' voice whenever I speak.
Sad little Carbons. When will you learn that death is reserved only for the weak, while the mighty suffer only temporary setbacks?
Kiss my baseplate, Zero.
@Semerone: Zero will never completely beat me. As the last arc about us proves, he will never even really come close without a team of sidekicks and my own orbital cannon. You carbons have a hard time facing reality.
@MasterTalon: If people weren't always saving him from me, the Red Reject would be scrap by now.
Eyes are overrated.
The Carbons reading this would do well to recognize one key point though. Jeremy was right.

Why is someone always immediately declared a villain for pointing out that the weak are weak? They fear the truth of their inferiority and claim that it's a source of power we can't understand... I wipe the treads of my footplates with their need to feel relevant.
I'm sure Light's AI would prevent any fatal "upgrades" I might try, but I'm sure I can manage a non-lethal loophole. Like one that just shrinks him to the size of a wine cork so I can step on him myself.....

The possibilities are endless, really.
I don't recall saying I'd use it when I got it. I just said wait until I get hold of one. The heroes may not get the upgrade they were expecting from it, afterwards.
Just wait until I get hold of one.
It's not that hard to impersonate Zero. In fact, the only trouble I had was remembering to use small words and screw up a lot. Just saying...
Why worry about most of them anyways? In 200 years I'll have made them nothing but memories anyhow.
@Drago: It's like they say, some Carbons speak because they have something to say, others.... like Random, for example... because they just have to say something.
I am only a copy in the sense that Zero is a flawed rough draft and I am the published work, free of the grammatical mistakes and reorganized so the story flows smoothly.
@Random _ year old: Your anger gives me a feeling that you Carbons would classify as happiness. I enjoy knowing that I live, rent free, in your thoughts because it proves my superiority. You dwell on me while I think nothing of you beyond the sparse moments I see and respond to comments.