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I am an avid reader of webcomics, and I have found quite a few good ones here on Smack Jeeves. My favourite comics are furry ones, namely: TwoKinds, Slightly Damned, Housepets!, Freefall, all the Katbox comics, and more.

I'm also a hobbyist game developer who graduated from college and is now looking for work in that field.
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Ayy. I used to read this comic a few years back and now I've found it again! Gonna make sure I'm subscribed this time. :3
Great so far
I am really enjoying this so far... could stand to lose the strong language but other than that it's pretty good. Your art has really improved over the years and the many updates. I know how hard it is to work on a comic when you're 16 and 17; I graduate high school this year at 17 (which is young here so dunno how you're already in college). I started a comic called Unreal Circumstances, but due to the massive amount of homework I get (and laziness) I never got past the first page. I'm going to take Video Game Development in college or university though so maybe I'll make it a game instead.
Heh, perhaps that is why the gender spell works so well on him, he already looks girly. :P
He's not very helpful, is he?

I could have made snowmen... but the weather here is fickle. One day it's above zero, then the next it's -11 and snowing, then the next it's almost at zero, and now it's like, 5 or something. :-/

(All in Celsius, of course. :P)
Don't you dare. Or I'll end up addicted to Tumblr like a few people I know and will never have any semblance of a life again. Or data on my phone, for that matter.
Happy even-later-than-the-rest New Years! :P
Heh, it's been a bit so I forgot where I was, had to go back a bit.
Looking good, also, little late for a Christmas (and New Years) special, huh? :P
Brohoof! /)
*cough* and Isabel is quite rude, setting a password like that., her boobs are talking?
By the way, Able, is it comfortable down there?
*smacked by a newspaper*
Looking good!
And sorry I can't donate (like, at all), I atm have no income. :(
Even your sketches are inked!
I still have to remind myself that FTD is in a manga format. The last manga I read was a scanned translation of +Anima.
Anyway, I think the art's pretty good, though I'm a little confused as to what's going on. I -think- I know, but just for clarity's sake, who are the two at the end?
Happy (Belated) Birthday!
You know what's cool? My birthday was yesterday, meaning, we're only one day apart!
Happy B-day! Hope it was a good one!
That pink/black one looks a bit like a cat + bat, but maybe that's because of the ears.
Seven AM is way too early. Since Christmas break started, I've been getting up earliest 10 AM (willingly) and 8 AM (unwillingly).

Also: I don't remember Stella, is she new? Is she Jason's lab assistant? Or perhaps Isabella's (unlikely since this story seems to be mostly from Jason's POV)?
@Robertge: XD
But please, let it not be so! She must change back to raccoon form, being part cow is just not natural.
I can't believe it took me a few seconds to figure out what that last panel was supposed to be...

I suck. XD
Hang in there, Able!

Also, what's the "ring"? Is that Jason's phone or something?
@Aren Kitsune: My grandmother used to threaten to sit on me when I was little if I didn't behave. Same with my aunt. I think my aunt was joking, but my Grandma actually did it once.
It was painful, but not like having a big, fat (literal) cow sit on you would be.

Poor Able!
Like the new style. Also like how it's easier to read the text/dialog/wording/letters. That one a few pages back was slightly difficult to read.

Anyway, is this what happened after Jason went "what is she doing"? If so, I'm assuming this is Isabel's lab?
Remember me?
Just wanted to say, I'm really glad you (seem) to be much more motivated to keep FTD alive. I really, really enjoy it.

Just to be clear:
Are we still reading from R-L, or is it now L-R?