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I do LOTS of stuff such as:
Game Production
Animated Videos
and Cosplay.
Only 1 of those things have anything to do with here though.
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Defineately a paras
@Kevin: where is Rat anyway?
I see that George is back to wearing her hood. Can't wait for the day where we get to see her hair down.
Onix ate his sammich
After Atty, beats em, I hope that won't be the last time we see these guys...
I knew it!
Georges hood came off! :D You should draw hr like that for the rest of the chapter.
Kick his ass Atty!
don't tell me I'm the only one who noticed that he's blind....
D is like...a Charmander prodigy or something.
I was close! I predicted Sandshrew!
I call sandshrew!
Leave it to Dragonthing to come up with the smartest tactic against a Diglett within the first 30 seconds of the fight.
AAAAAW! Shit bout to get real!
Well....they're boned.
C'mon Phil! You can defend them!
I really have to give you credit, you're not rushing this, your taking your time with each page and not trying to get through the story. Kudos
GEORGE! 3rd panel face! OMG
Olimar is officially screwed.
"Brock is looking for new challengers!"
*drags Atty to the gym, George casually follows*