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Well, my name is Alex (Dunno why I'm restating this since you could just check under real name but oh well.) I like anime, manga, games, sports, and living.
That's about it... You can go somewhere else now. Like to my web comic!
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It's Still Wednesday
So we're not late, just not early.
I wanna cast a spell!
I CAST FLARE! Alright, flare isn't such a terrible spell, it's just kinda okay.
Still in Color!
Wow, we're still in color?!? That's amazing! Could it be that we're actually going to stay in color (NO! That would be blasphemy!) That's right everyone the pages are going to stay in color if we can keep this up (and i looks like we will :D) So stay tuned every Wednesday for another exciting page! Also, some character colors may have been changed to protect the innocent... By that I mean, some colors got changed because some of these characters are based around some of our Pen and Paper games and our friends made their characters and we forgot some finer details (It's really only the giant snakeman). Anywho, we forgot the spikes on the gait (Ban continuity error!) that will be fixed later/ eventually/ maybe/ kinda might just get retconned/ or maybe give the gaits some spikes that come out when they are excited or something... I don't know.
Numbers game
It's all in the numbers
Squad Moral Restored
How many Imperial Guard do you need to kill to get a new comic page over here? Hey peeps long time no comic, we're getting things back on track and expect to see more comics! If we don't you can yell at us!
Cat Girls
Teddy bears? Nope! I want a cat girl!
Mana Mines
Raw mana is dangerous to people, most people get sick and die from mining ores of raw mana. But it's needed for mage-y stuff. :D
Yeah we're late, I blame society.

Also it's my birthday in 10 min... Happy Birthday to me.
Sorry Kyth
I put a unfinished up so you could see it ^^
Couldn't get it up...
I just couldn't get it up and working when I needed it to... I think I should consult a doctor about this problem...
Um... It'll be out tomorrow... Or later today. Depends if I sleep.
Steadily Moving On
So far we're moving this train ride along and nothing has exploded so I'm guessing this will be the time that the comic will continue! Without restarting! Hurray!
What is that!?
It's a chocobo! It's a horse! No! It's our very own mode of transportation in this series! We wanted them to be adorable but awesome. Hopefully you guys will get the same feeling from them as time goes on.
Silver crowns
I went down to the mall the other day and they told me they don't accept silver crowns... So what if it's a made up currency, it's silver dang it!
I Derped
What more can I say? The colorist derped... I also spelled "colorist" wrong on the text but oh well... European spelling! That'll be my excuse.
Yes rly.
She just wants a clean place to grab herself.
And I Helped!
I did! You guys should have seen me, I was totally awesome.
October 4th, 2008
You add so much detail into your lore and background stories. It's wonderful to just read. Then again I'm just a little weird like that.
Can't wait to see what shall happen.
For being a genius, that was a real idiots move.

Absolutely hilarious though.
September 22nd, 2008
Sad but Great Episode
"Hey Wilson, I'm going to cut some cripple's eye out, wanna watch?"
"Fun times."

Who has been feeding Mcrain?
September 22nd, 2008
Tried that once. Odd are it won't work, you'll end up watching every episode and realize nothing was done. But it will totally be worth it.
On another note, very childish of Alyce to sit like that. Great page as always.