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Well, I love to play games. I'm a hardcore FPS gamer.

I love to read furry comics (No idea why but it seems they entertain me more.) though I am not a furry.

I'm lazy.

Yeah, I'm not a very complicated person, now am I?

I tend to write and roleplay aswell.
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    Anthony O'Brien
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I like the little friendship those two have.
I find this beyond hilarious.
I almost died choking on a Funyun chip because of this.
Keep this guy.

Screw the other, he's a lying dick.

Also, I love this comic.
It reminds me of that one scene with Kesha from Blow.
"The Apprentice wears the proper head attire." Pffthahaha!

It looks like it could possibly be Link's elf hat colored to be a Wizard hat.

"Are you a wizard Mitch?"
I love you.

Of all the things I thought to do with portals, you come up with the most ingenious of them all.
"Dinkcocks" sounds like a hilariously funny word to say when you're mad.
I suspect flirting and horrible attempts to seduce him.

@gabrielthoughts That is absolutely ingenious.

Or am I just hallucinating?

As if hearing my mother in my head wasn't bad enough.
I am made of video games and pizza.

I need more rainbows and burritos in my life. :v

If this girl was real I would have proposed at age six.
I will join you in being bored.
Fuck. Yes.

The Paladin girl is fucking adorable with how she adores Mitch's "almighty" ways.
This comic entirely describes the meaning of life.

And why my dog eats soap.
When I read "everypony" I realized that it looked like she was riding her, as in a rider on a horse.

Just paint eyes onto your eyelids and learn how to sleep while sitting.

Answer right there should you run out of coffee.